A beautiful day for our monthly brain storming session. Action plans in train. Sorry everyone, same shirt different meeting… at least the other girls have a more expansive wardrobe to prove my different day assertions.

The airport is still closed on Kiriwina which understandably creates many challenges on many levels. Our In-country manager will be in Brisbane in the next week and we have another lot of 50 birthing kits winging their way up to greet him when he arrives. Thank you to everyone involved for continuing to manage to try and work around this major obstacle.

It feels like an early Xmas present -Thanks to the endeavors of some wonderful P&O Passengers three bags of essential Birthing Kits have arrived on Kiriwina, Yeah!!!. Handed over to our magnificent VBA head Ruth. The Kiriwinan women had woven some traditional baskets as a gift for these interpid deliverers. Thank you everyone involved! As the airstrip on Kiriwina is still not openwe have organised for one of the CFK in-country team members to boat from Alotau with the rest of the 600 + kits that have been stranded in POM by the end of this month. Thank you to our donors and supporters for making this possible.

Thank you Big W for donating the bras and undies. The Kiriwians were very grateful, particularly elderly women who feel very exposed when stepping on and off boats.

Very grateful. Thank you again for your generosity.