A great relief for the most disadvantaged students at KSS who receive the CFK School Fee Scholarship

It is a great relief to the parents and students for CFK coming to their aid. The CFK sponsored students of grades 10 and 12 will sit for their final National Examination next month and graduate with certificates.

CFK sponsored 19 students attending various grades from 9 to 12 of Kiriwina Secondary School (KSS) and 1 student attending grade 11 at Aiyura National High School (School of Excellence). The school fees (parental component) for the 20 students are being fully paid so that the students can complete their studies until to the end of the year. 

CFK greatly and sincerely appreciates all sponsors for your support to these students. 

These fees are only for one year, please donate for the following year/s, each quality adds one year. If any students finish year 12 this year, or leave school for any reason a new student will go through a vetting process before being chosen to join the Scholarship program.

(Photo showing 12 of the 19 students of KSS with the head teacher coordination CFK program at KSS) 

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