Another 50 Birth Recording Booklets ready for dispatch

Due to the increase in pregnancies more birth registration booklets have been requested.

Why birth and death registration really are “vital” statistics for development.

In developed societies we take it for granted that all children are registered at birth and that all people are registered when they die with a medically assigned cause of death. We hardly think about birth and death registration because we rarely are the initiators; it is usually the institution where the birth takes place that registers the baby, and the undertaker who registers a death. Our involvement is typically limited to choosing a name for the child and signing the registration papers.

In most developing countries including PNG, however, there is no reliable system as many births do not happen through the official Health Care Centers but happen in the villages, away from any official recording mechanisms. This in part explains why so many births and deaths go unrecorded.

Due to our the growth of our successful CFK Village Birth Attendants network we can help fill this gap by supplying Birth Registration Booklets which are vital for planning. Without knowing the size and composition of the local population, how can local authorities and charity groups decide how much – and what type of essential services to provide?

Only about 65% of all births are registered globally and only about one third of the world’s 55 million annual deaths are recorded through civil registration1, and up to 80 percent of deaths that occur outside of health facilities are not counted. UNDP (2015).

CFK Village Birth Attendants meeting

The people of Kiriwina are really grateful and thankful and appreciates CFK for the services provided to them.  Kirwina people also convey their inner most feelings of gratitude and appreciation to the donors all over the world. Thank you very much.

Kamatokisi Kwaiveka.

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