Yesterday evening, we had a meeting with our CFK directors and in-country manager to discuss our successes in 2023 and to plan for 2024. We are grateful for this lovely group of people who are helping to continue the legacy of our founder, Margaret Lawton. Today marks the ninth anniversary of her passing, and we miss her every day. Margaret’s spirit guides all CFK decisions, along with the spirit of her husband, the Reverend Doctor Ralph Lawton. We are thankful for the time we had with them, and we know that their presence made the world a better place.

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The most wonderful Margaret Lawton

Back in 2004, while working with the Kiriwinan translation team in Australia to help translate the Bible, The Late Nelson Toposona (left), Lepani Ahab – our CFK on-island manager (standing), and Daniel Fellows (right) made a new friend. The three of them posed for a photo with Jack, the kookaburra, who is known as the national bird of Australia. The photo captures a moment of friendship and adventure that surely left lasting memories for everyone involved.

Ralph with Jack


Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for helping keep our Kiriwinan mothers and babies safe.

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With deep sadness, we announce the passing of Jansen Toposona, on Friday 13th, 10pm. Jansen was a former Health Extension Officer and retired public servant who worked with the Health Department. He operated the only dispensary clinic in the largest village on Kiriwina, Kavataria, that helped hundreds of people over the years with his experience and expertise. Jansen was an expert in acupuncture, and CFK had provided him with hundreds of acupuncture needles that he used to assist many people in recovering from pain and illness. His passing is a significant loss and he will be greatly missed.

Jansen filmed here reflecting on the success of the 2019 CFK VBA leaders training sessions.

We installed these pumps four years ago to provide clean drinking water to remote villages. Thanks to these pumps, many lives have been saved. However, the pumps need regular maintenance, which requires money. Would you be willing to donate $5 a month to help us maintain these pumps? Your donation will help hundreds of villages gain access to clean drinking water, which is crucial for good health and wellbeing.

e-NEWS Caring For Kiriwina – Exciting News!
September 2023

Dear CFK Supporter,

We are thrilled to share the news that retired nurse/midwife Bokawau Motovau has been appointed as the first CFK sponsored Kiriwina Village Birth Attendant (VBA) Coordinator after months of negotiations. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has highlighted the need for an experienced Kiriwinan to support over 300 Village Birth attendants on the ground. 

Working in partnership with the Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority (MBPHA), we have made this dream come true. retired nurse/midwife Bokawau will be based at the Losuia Health Centre on Kiriwina, where an office has been provided for her. She has already started working to liaise with the VBAs in the area. We believe that this initiative is crucial to improving maternal and child health outcomes in the region.

We urge you to support us in funding this important project and others like it. Together, we can make a difference and improve healthcare access for communities in need. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work towards our mission of improving the health and wellbeing of the mothers and babies on Kiriwina Island in Papua New Guinea.

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Retired nurse/midwife Bokawau in her new CFK office in the Losuia Heath Centre.

New uniform scrubs for retired nurse/midwife Bokawau

Ridley and Alfred from the MBPHA meeting with Doug, Jodi and Toks from CFK in Alotau in April 2023.

Toks from CFK Meeting with the MBPHA delegates in Alotau in August 2023.

Four years ago today we ran our last week long training workshop on Kiriwina with our over 300 VBA attendees (images below). Unfortunately our training trip for August 2023 had to be postponed…We need more funds to enable us to continue this life-saving work. 

Please donate to the next VBA Training trip

CFK VBA leaders meeting to distribute the birthing kits, lanterns, fabric to make uniforms etc…

CFK VBA’s delivered baby and mother

CFK VBA’s delivered baby and mother.

CFK VBA’s delivered baby and mother.

In Kiriwina, access to clean drinking water is a pressing issue. Currently, only the Kavataria Village water pump is operational, and parts are needed to fix the other six water pumps. To reduce maintenance costs, it is necessary to seek funding to replace the pumps with water tanks that can collect water.

The Village Birth Assistance has provided birthing kits, but there has been a recent increase in pregnancies, requiring an increase in the supply of birthing kits. Additionally, more awareness and education are needed to control pregnancies and family planning.

Dignity kits have been very helpful for female students at Kiriwina Secondary School to continue attending classes during their menstrual period.

Finally, Kiriwina Secondary School requires basic supplies such as pens and paper for the upcoming October exams for grades 10 and 12. Urgent support is needed to ensure the exams are not cancelled.

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Your generosity warms our hearts!!! Thank you, again you wonderful women!!!

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