Caring for Kiriwina: Addressing Urgent Maternal Health Challenges and Aid Delivery | June 2024

e-NEWS Caring For Kiriwina – EOFY update
June 2024

Dear Friend,

The island of Kiriwina is currently facing urgent challenges related to maternal health and aid delivery. Limited use of contraceptives and the lack of flights to the island have led to a significant increase in birth rates in some villages in April 2024 compared to January 2024. The situation emphasises the critical need for support. The absence of flights has also resulted in higher costs and logistical challenges in delivering aid. Efforts are underway to collaborate with cruise ships to provide assistance in delivering birthing kits when they visit Kiriwina.

To tackle these challenges, we are considering training Village Birth Attendants (VBAs) from Kiriwina in Alotau on the mainland, while exploring alternative ways to access Kiriwina. It is crucial to be able to observe how our programs are being implemented, and to maintain delivery of birthing kits and the rest of our essential donations to the Island.

These challenges demand immediate attention and support. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions and are eager to continue collaborating to bring about a positive impact on the lives of the people of Kiriwina. We express our gratitude to all our generous sponsors and donors for their continuing support, and we extend our thanks to our partners at the Milne Bay Public Health Authority (MBPHA) for their ongoing assistance.

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