In-country manager notes that due to Covid 19 restrictions on public gatherings only a hand full of VBAs were asked to come and distribute the items. Thank you to all our fantastic sponsors and donors for making this all possible!

Our fabulous co-head VBA Dulcie (second from left) distributing donated items to VBA’s from villages across the Island.

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Thank you to all the incredible, self sacrificing nurses. This pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the truly invaluable nature of nurses to our existence. We would especially like to thank the brilliant CFK Midwives, Shea Calpice and Jacqui Andrews and the wonderful Lousia Health Centre midwives Leness and Bokowau. Luv youes all!

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Jacqui, Leness and Shea at the 2018 VBA Training session
CFK Birthing Training 2018, Losuia Health Care Centre Midwife Leness and CFK Midwife Jacqui Andrews, with head VBA Ruth Boaz front left.
Retired (and still working) Midwife Bokowau and another head CFK VBA Dulcie.