CFK Baby of the Week 💕 26 July 2021

Another COVID Lockdown week… another baby image to add cheer to your week. This week’s Baby has been delivered by the CFK Kavataria Village Birth Attendants :).

We are all feeling very relieved that our in-country manager Toks has made it back after a grueling trip back from Kiriwina, unfortunately, due to the indefinite closure of Losuia airport. The runway again is in disrepair and not fit for aircraft landing and take off, he had to travel to Alotau by boat for two days travelling through extremely rough weather.

Happy you are back safe and sound!

We are presently packaging birthing kits, panadol and pens and pencils to send over asap :).

#mothersandbabies, #charity, #benevolentsociety, #caringforkiriwina, #trobriandislands, #papuanewguinea.

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