CFK CELEBRATES INTERNATIONAL MIDWIVES DAY 2023 by posting a special Lawton Day speech in praise of Margaret Lawton’s legacy regarding the VBAs in Kiriwina.

We celebrate all midwives worldwide with a special thank you to our CFK educators and VBAs for their outstanding achievements over the past ten years. Here is a speech and photos from our LAWTON day reporting trip to Kiriwina held during the last two weeks of April.

Now the VBAs have been following the education now women are recognised, especially the VBAs. Women are counted now. A great legacy.

CFK head VBA Ruth Boaz speaks about Margaret’s legacy

Video: CFK Head VBA Ruth Boaz praises Margaret Lawton’s legacy

Video 2: CFK VBAs sing a thank you song to the CFK midwife educators Shea Caplice and Jacqui Andrews.

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