CFK Dignity Kits

Part of the VBA training includes the importance of good hygiene and hand washing and hygiene equipment is included in the birthing kits we supply. The VBA’s report that they are thrilled with the supply and distribution of the washable menstrual pads and underpants that we have been trialling.

Happy, happy faces! Kiriwina High School CFK Dignity Kit recipients

The women said they have been used and they are very helpful to the women. They said the women can use and then wash with hot water to be used again. The pants have been also given to women to use. Ruth Boaz (Co-head VBA)

UNICEF says that adolescent girls in school suffer the most when they are menstruating.  Many schools report absenteeism among adolescent girls due to a lack of clean, private changing rooms and without access to soap, water and sanitary pads. Some stay away from school for a few days. This hampers girls’ learning – they miss classes and they attend classes with reduced self-esteem and dignity.

CFK has extended the reach of this project to not only include adolescent girls and birthing kit contents, we are hoping also supply a kit to all menstruating women across the Island. Yay!!!

Birthing Kit Heavy flow menstrual pads