Get well soon

Ruth is one of our VBA’s who feel victim of the strong wings. A mango branch fell on her resulting in broken left leg. She had to endure a horrendous sea voyage to get to a hospital. They make their women tough on Kiriwina. Seen here in Alotau General Hospital undergoing surgery and where she is still recovering – thanks Wendy Stein for sharing this photo. We wish Ruth a speedy recovery. The CFK Team x

Main Photo from Wendy Stein at Kula Babies Rotary, thank you for sharing on FB.
Above photo of Ruth attending the 2017 VBA Training program.

Continuing sad news received on Ruth’s condition. Our In-country manager who visited her in Alotau Hospital this morning.

She has a broken leg (big bone holding her hip and legs together). She has already undergone two operations with an insertion of metals and screws into her leg (first operation) and is not working. They have inserted plastic materials (2nd operation) to see if it can hold the bones together for another month.

She can not sit, walk or be in a wheel chair. She is just lying on her hospital bed. If the plastics can not hold her bone, the last option is to amputate her leg.

She seemed to be in a very critical condition.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ruth and her family.

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