Items have arrived!

CFK sent our in-country manager over to Kiriwina to personally deliver the donated items directly to the intended recipients.

Here are some photos of happy members of the CFK Health & Hygiene Committee with their newly donated torches meeting on the 8th June and a photo of the results of this clean village initiative.

“The torches will help them greatly in maintaining the cleanliness of the village. The other photo shows part of the village and how this committee has made great impacts and efforts to maintain the cleanness of the village.

Tok, CFK in-country Manager
  1. Meeting With Kavataria Health and Hygene Committee Report from Toks

Met with the 17 Committee Members of Health and Hygene of Kavataria Village on the evening of 7 June 2019. The cleanness of the village is maintained. Every morning the first thing people do is clean up the village before they go to the gardens or fishing. The committee also guard the beach front and shores making sure people use right places to relieve themselves. People dispose of rubbish at designated places and burned them up. With the presentation of torches as a donation from Caring for Kiriwina (CFK) will enable and equip the committee to be more effective in undertaking their tasks. Also met with them on the morning of June 8 and presented the torches to them. The committee expressed their gratitude and appreciation to CFK for the donation of torches.

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