Kiriwina Secondary School organised an event to raise funds, showcasing the incredibly rich Kiriwina culture through student performances. However, we faced challenges with sharing the female part of the dance on Facebook as the platform threatened to take down our page due to overzealous censorship. Despite this obstacle, we attempted to re-record the students’ outstanding performance as we were determined to share this magic moment. However, we apologise for the poor recording quality. Thank you so much, John Bosco Togumagoma, for sharing this video :).

If you would like to donate to the Kiriwina Secondary School or any of our other projects, please click the button below:

For over 50 years, Reverend Dr. Ralph Lawton and his wife, Margaret Lawton, dedicated themselves to creating a comprehensive dictionary for the people of Kiriwina. Ralph’s research into the dictionary led to him being awarded his PhD in July 2013 from the Australian National University for Kiriwina lexicography, making him the oldest recipient of a PhD at the time at 85 years old. Margaret passed away in December 2014, just one month before their 58th anniversary, which was a devastating blow for Ralph and the family.

Despite this, Ralph went on to complete a first draft of the Kiriwina Dictionary. However, failing eyesight and health issues prevented him from finalising it for publication. Some dedicated supporters formatted his work, and a draft printed copy of the dictionary, bound in two volumes, was gifted to him on his 93rd birthday.

Ralph’s resilience and positive attitude in the face of his failing health, blindness, and the challenges of COVID restrictions, was a testament to the measure of the man. He died on the 21st April 2021 aged 93 one month and 14 days. His love for Kiriwina and its people remained strong. His engagement with Caring for Kiriwina’s activities and the continued work of the charity provided him with strength and comfort, becoming a part of his legacy.

This remarkable work stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication, enriching the lives of the Kiriwinan people and preserving their language and culture for generations to come. Free access to the Kiriwina Dictionary is available through the button link below:

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It was wonderful to catch up with these incredible women. Jacqui recently returned from an assignment supporting Midwifery in rural remote locations, including Ceduna, South Australia, after spending time in Katherine in the NT. What an inspiration! We’re thrilled to be able to catch up and start discussing plans for the future. Stay tuned for more updates – we’ll keep you posted!

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e-NEWS Caring For Kiriwina – EOFY update
June 2024

Dear Friend,

The island of Kiriwina is currently facing urgent challenges related to maternal health and aid delivery. Limited use of contraceptives and the lack of flights to the island have led to a significant increase in birth rates in some villages in April 2024 compared to January 2024. The situation emphasises the critical need for support. The absence of flights has also resulted in higher costs and logistical challenges in delivering aid. Efforts are underway to collaborate with cruise ships to provide assistance in delivering birthing kits when they visit Kiriwina.

To tackle these challenges, we are considering training Village Birth Attendants (VBAs) from Kiriwina in Alotau on the mainland, while exploring alternative ways to access Kiriwina. It is crucial to be able to observe how our programs are being implemented, and to maintain delivery of birthing kits and the rest of our essential donations to the Island.

These challenges demand immediate attention and support. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions and are eager to continue collaborating to bring about a positive impact on the lives of the people of Kiriwina. We express our gratitude to all our generous sponsors and donors for their continuing support, and we extend our thanks to our partners at the Milne Bay Public Health Authority (MBPHA) for their ongoing assistance.

Our knitting women’s groups are growing, and we are delighted to announce that the Swizknitters from  St. Swithun’s Church Pymble have joined our donor knitters in knitting for babies in need. We are incredibly thankful for the ongoing support from the Belrose and Willandra Village ladies.

We are amazed by the talent and generosity of our community and extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, including Sandy and her husband John for managing the donations.

Your support is invaluable, and we are truly grateful for helping us make a difference in the lives of babies in need. These latest donations are waiting for customs approval in POM… they are on their way! Thank you!

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We want to give a huge shoutout to Barb, a wonderful P&O passenger, for going above and beyond to deliver essential birthing kits and children’s clothes to our CFK Village Birth Attendant coordinator, Bokawau, last week.

Due to the airport closure, the delivery of these crucial items to our people on Kiriwina would have taken months, but thanks to Barb, they reached us in just a week! 🚢

We’re reaching out to any other passengers who might be interested in helping our cause. Your support can make a real difference and save lives. We will make sure to mail you the items. Please consider joining us in this meaningful endeavor! 💌

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Last week, we had the joy of delivering Dignity Kits, pens, and pencils to the students at Kiriwina Secondary School. These kits and supplies will help support their education and ensure that they can manage their periods safely and hygienically.

Menstrual Hygiene Day, observed on May 28th, 2024, is a day of global significance. It raises awareness about menstrual stigma and discrimination, emphasises the importance of proper menstrual hygiene for maintaining health, and advocates for policies that support menstrual health and reduce economic barriers for women and girls.

Let’s work together to break down societal taboos and promote open conversations about menstruation. No woman or girl should be held back because of her period. Join us in raising awareness and working towards better menstrual hygiene for all! 💙🌸

#PeriodPositive #BreakTheStigma #PeriodEquality #MenstrualHealthMatters #caringforkiriwina #charity #pngauscharity #dignitykits

Kiriwina Secondary school students with their newly delivered Dignity Kits and pens and pencils 🙂

We’re thrilled to share that birthing kits for cruise ship passengers are en route to support our wonderful Village birth attendants on Kiriwina. Due to a high pregnancy rate, we need more birthing kits, and the generous support from two passengers has made a world of difference for the hundreds of mothers and babies we aim to assist. We are grateful for the impact you are making! Special thanks to the amazing, incomparable Miss Kathy for volunteering to help pack these kits for urgent delivery. Thank you for your support! #MakingADifference #SupportingMothersAndBabies #caringforkiriwina #strongwomenstrongbabies #reopenkiriwinaairport #P&Ocruisepassengers #P&Ocruises #PacificPrincessCruises