Now Ruben can finish year 9 thanks to Katharina’s generous donation.

Sadly Ruben, a Kiriwina High School Year 9 student’s father passed away when he was young and his mother is blind and disabled and cannot afford to pay the school fees.

Thanks to Katharina’s generous $100 donation he is now able to complete year 9.

Thank you so much Katharina! Your donation will go a long way to help.

Please help us help more desperate students trying to keep attending school, or to help Ruben Ruben continue his years 10 to 12 education Please Donate at: CLICK HERE

Ruben Ruben with his Headmaster, seen behind Ruben and Deputy Headmaster to the right.
Ruben Ruben thanks his supporter
Ruben’s letter of thanks
Letter from school Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster of Kiriwina High School

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