Our Mission

Our mission is to care for the people living on the Papua New Guinea Kiriwinan islands, in particular to focus on the health and education of women and children.

Our programs at a glance:

  1. Village Birth Attendant programs

1.1 Supply of Birthing Kits & Safe delivery supplies

1.2 Village Birth Attendant Training Program

1.3 Local Kiriwinan Midwife Nursing Training

Example of work – VBA programs:
Women in PNG are 35 times more likely to die in child birth than in Australia. Improving the quality of maternity care services can save the lives of women and babies, and our ongoing project is to provide more training on Kiriwina in basic and emergency skills in maternal and newborn health.

We support over 300+ Village Birth Attendants with Training and supply of essential safe birthing equipment including birthing kits, soap, torches, battery and solar operated lanterns, baby knitting clothes, caps, masks, hand sanitizers, hand gloves and many other necessary safe birthing items.

2. Health and Hygiene programs

  • 2.1 Clean Drinking Water Project
  • 2.2 COVID-19 Safety Initiatives
  • 2.3 Food Security Initiative
  • 2.4 Health and Hygiene Committee

Example of work – Clean Water Project:

Kiriwina Island is flat, with no rivers and no naturally-occurring fresh drinking water. While the underground water table is easily accessed as it is shallow, it is of brackish quality and frequently not potable, although suitable for bathing (and is so used for the 55,000 Kiriwina inhabitants). The village toilets and household rubbish from about 80 villages contaminate it further.

Caring for Kiriwina has installed 4 water pumps and maintains 7 water pumps across the Island.

3. Education programs

  • 3.1 School Education materials
  • 3.2 School Fee Scholarship Program
  • 3.3 Translation of School readers into Kiriwinan
  • 3.4 Printing of Kiriwinan/English dictionary for all
  • School Students across the Island

Example of work – CFK school fee scholarship for vulnerable students:

Due to continual government lack of supply, CFK has donated and continues to supply thousands of pens and pencils to all the schools on Kiriwina which has allowed all the schools on Kiriwina to sit their yearly exams.

Schooling is no longer FREE in PNG. There is only one high school on the island, and many students live in remote villages or outlying islands, and cannot attend daily from home. The school fee scholarship program has relieved many parents who are subsistence farmers and have encouraged students to study hard and pass their exams.

20 vulnerable students are currently receiving the School Fee Scholarship.