A personal thank you from Nessie!!!

Dear lovely friends,

Thank you so much for your support for Caring for Kiriwina and our project to provide birthing training on the island.
I loved seeing so many of you on Sunday, I really really appreciate you all coming. I thought it was a great afternoon, and I personally came away with a very nice new frock!
Some of you couldn’t make it, and very generously donated through the website, thank you so much.
I’m very proud that we raised $2,760.00, what an awesome group of people you are!
A very big thank you to all the helpers: Jodi, Doug, Barbara, Geoff, Mary, John, Peter, Annabel, Rachel, Barbara P, Chi, Andrew, Csaba, Bertie, Kylie, Nina and Aimee, it couldn’t have happened without you!
And also a huge thank you to Blackwattle Bay Campus for their generous offer to use the cafe for the day.
So, onwards and upwards, Ill send an update when we get back early May to let you know how we go!!!
With love,
Vanessa (and everyone here at Caring for Kiriwina)
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