September batch of Birthing Kits sent

We have sent another 50 birthing kits up to Kiriwina by Australia Post. The cost of posting these essential humanitarian items is HUGE. If anyone is travelling to Port Moresby from Sydney and can fit some kits into their luggage, please let us know. We would get the kits to you and a Kiriwinan will pick them up from the airport and deliver them to Kiriwina.

The VHV’s asked for aspirin and panadol, which have been sent. We have also charged up the digicel account so that we can keep in constant contact with the VHV’s via the mobile we sent up for this specific use (Kindly donated by Jeff Keating).

Thank you to Kylie Adams and Liam and Lila Lawton for donating their time to make the kits up.

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