Soaps, Birthing Kits and Birth Registration books distributed to the Losuia Health Centre by VBA’s:)

Aren’t they all gorgeous! Wonderful Losuia Health Centre Midwife Bokowau (In white shirt 4th from right) recieving delivery of Birth Registration Booklets, soaps and Birthing Kits from our CFK VBA’s. We are currently purchasing 150 PPE masks to protect these hard working carers as well as sening 2,000 more soaps and 100 education Posters. We need to purchase more…

Thank you Melcah Bwaina for helping distribute these items around the Island and these great photos.

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who make all this possible 🙂 #Health&Hygiene, #COVID19, #Kiriwina, #Losuia, #PNG, #BirthingKits, #BirthingTraining#FriendshipGrants.

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