Thirty copies of ‘Where Women Have No Doctor’ have been purchased for our advanced two day training sessions in September.

“Every woman has a right to complete healthcare throughout her life.”

Where Women Have No Doctor

All over the world, women rise to their daily work, care for their families, and participate in community life. Too often, women must face these challenges while struggling against illness – lacking even basic information about their health.

Where Women Have No Doctor is an essential resource for women who want to improve their health and for health workers seeking information about problems that affect women or affect women differently than men. Developed with community-based groups and medical experts from 30 countries, this book can help anyone understand, treat, and prevent many of the health problems that affect women.

Clearly written and with over 1000 drawings, Where Women Have No Doctor addresses health issues across the lifespan and considers issues specific to girls, older women, women with disabilities, and refugees. Topics include pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding; HIV and sexually transmitted infections; sexual health; mental health; the politics of women’s health; rape and other violence against women; and much more.

This updated printing features updated antiretroviral information based on World Health Organization guidelines to treat HIV and prevent mother-to-child transmission. Other updated topics include family planning; eclampsia; treatment of sexually transmitted infections; cervical, breast and other cancers; care for women who have had abortions; and use of medicines. Text from publishers website: CLICK HERE for more information.

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