UNSW helps save Kiriwinan Mothers and Babies

Are you interested in public health as a career? Come and join us at the UNSW open day stall, Saturday 7th September 2019, 9am to 4pm, Anzac parade walk. UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine (SPHCM)are supporting Caring for Kiriwina by donating the material and organising a mass packing session for the birthing kits and dignity kits. What a wonderful life saving initiative!!! Thank you so much to the team at UNSW’s SPHCM. Just brilliant! For more information go to openday.unsw.edu.au. @unswmedicine, @unsw, #unsw, #unswmedicine, #CaringforKiriwina.

Photo courtesy of CFK’s mid-wife extraordinaire Shea Caplice.
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