WOW! Clean drinking water for the main village on Kiriwina, at last!!!

This video and photo are of the Kavataria water pump maintained by the Mr Koega, the plumber.

Although CFK managed to get this pump working recently, we then found it needed more extensive maintenance as the existing pipes had rusted, making the water undrinkable. This water pump was broken down and the people from the biggest village on the Island, Kavataria, were not able to fetch clean drinking water. CFK bought the necessary parts and Koega repaired the pump and it is now working perfectly and people are able to fetch water for drinking, cooking, washing and etc. Yay!!!!

CFK In-Country Manager Toks Bwaina
In the video is the photo of Mr Koega (The CFK plumber) talking whilst the person pumping the water is one of workman.

Thank you our volunteers, sponsors and donors and Australian Aid for making this lifesaving projects become a reality. @DFAT, @FriendshipGrant, #AustraliaAid, #FriendshipGrants

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