CFK School Fee Scholarship

Schooling is no longer FREE in PNG. There is only one high school on the island, and many students live in remote villages or outlying islands, and cannot attend daily from home. Kiriwina High School provides a boarding facility for these kids to live at the school during term, and the cost for boarding must be paid by their families.  

Your donation of $150.00 AUD can provide a year’s boarding for a student in need to attend high school and continue their studies. If you wish, as a sponsor you can be supplied with a photo and profile of the student who receives the scholarship, and can communicate with them via CFK.

You can be assured that your full donation will be targeted to a particular student, who has been selected on the advice of the Principal, to allow them to remain at school.

We appreciate the wonderful generosity of our supporters. Thankyou!

CFK School Scholarship recipients
CFK School Scholarship recipients

As a matter of fact, your financial support has made a great difference in the study lives of these kids, and I believe your assistance has positive impact in their lives so as their families NOT only for now BUT this assistance really paves a determined way for them as they strive through their education in the HOPE of securing a BETTER LIFE in the FUTURE.

You have positively boosted their moral to continue to strive with HOPE knowing that there are some kind-hearted, God-loving individuals who can really raise their hands to lift them from a scenario of ‘rags up to riches’. You have shined your light into their darkness filled with Hopelessness, now their darkness turned into light and hopelessness into HOPE! Praise and Glory to God!

Mr. E.TOPIRIM-Deputy Principal Administration/CFK Agent/Kiriwina Secondary School