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Attention all cruise ship passengers! Urgent Help Needed: Transport Crucial Donations to Kiriwina

Rates of pregnancy have exploded on Kiriwina during COVID, donations have been declining and the Kiriwinan people are in urgent need of more birthing kits, delivery equipment and contraception aids.

Our CFK In-Country Manager, Toks Bwaina- A BIG THANKS to DONORS - (Video below)

Rebecca expresses her gratitude for the Kuluwa village CFK water pump, which has helped her community to access clean drinking water and safely deliver babies.

CFK VBA Rebecca, Kuluwa Village (Video above)
Video message from Kiriwina Secondary School Principal Mr. Cyril T.

The supply of Kiriwinan Schools with the basic items essential to teaching and learning is ongoing – please help us help them to produce their future teachers, doctors, nurses, and midwives.

Kiriwina Secondary School Principal Mr. Cyril T. (Video above)


Credit: A massive thank you to the brilliant Shea Caplice (CFK Midwife) & her fabulously talented son Lincoln Caplice
Main speaker: Midwife Florence (Forever in our hearts). Kiriwinan song: dedicated to the late Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawton

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