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E-NEWS Caring For Kiriwina -what a 6 months it has been –  March 2023

e-NEWS Caring For Kiriwina Turns 10 –  June 2022

Dear ,

Over the last decade, Caring for Kiriwina (CFK) has helped reduce the newborn mortality rate to an all time low of almost 2%, largely due to the love and kind hearts of the 300 VBA volunteer network, the supply of birthing kits and other essential items for safe births, and the training provided to the VBAs by CFK and DFAT in 2018, 2019 and 2020. However, we know we can still do better! Please help us keep up this vital work and improve this result with your tax deductible donation this EOFY.

To help us maintain our valuable assistance, please consider a regular subscription. This enables our work to continue knowing we have consistent support. 

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Kiriwina VBA’s delivered baby girl Joy Joy Mandela and her mother.

Kiriwina VBA’s delivered baby girl Tabubuna Mokalageila and her mother.

Kiriwina VBA’s delivered baby boy Kelavasiya Lummwala and her mother.

Kiriwina VBA’s receiving birthing kits, birth recording books, backpacks, lanterns, batteries, facemasks, gloves, pens and other PPE’s mid June 2022.

  • Supply of Birthing Kits & Safe delivery supplies
  • Village Birth Attendant Training Program
  • Local Kiriwinan midwife nursing training

    The pregnancy rate on Kiriwina is very high as there are no methods of birth control available. It has almost doubled from previous years.  The Kiriwinan VBA’s provide a high standard of pregnancy care and conduct successful baby deliveries. Most deliveries, about 80%, are conducted in the respective villages and the rest, mostly critical and complicated deliveries, are conducted at the Losuia Health Centre or referred to the Alotau General Hospital. 

CFK sponsored plumber Mr Koega Cyprian (centre) inspecting the faulty KSS Female water pump.  The water pump was soon restored by the plumber.

  • Dignity Kits
  • Clean Drinking Water Project
  • COVID-19 Safety initiatives
  • Food security Initiative
  • Health & Hygiene Committee
    There is still a high demand for clean drinking water on Kiriwina. Many people are still sourcing water from dug up open water wells, caves, water ponds, and catchments from rain.  These are not really clean and water is often contaminated. Long dry spells cause people to walk great distances to source water. Many people living on remote islands of Kiriwina rely on coconuts and often they are forced to drink water mixed with salt water.

    During our in-country manager’s recent visit to Kiriwina in June 2022, more than 20 VBA’s requested water pumps or tanks to be installed in their communities to provide clean drinking water. “On behalf of these VBA’s I wish to extend these appeals to the CFK donors for support to fund water pumps or tanks for these communities. The communities will provide their own labour to dig up water wells to install the water pumps.”

KSS female students and teachers including the School Principal receiving the donated items from CFK. The donated items include female dignity kits, pens and pencils.

  • School Education materials
  • School Fee Scholarship Program
  • Translation of readers into Kiriwinan
  • Printing of Kiriwina English Dictionary
  • Funding of Kiriwina Secondary School Computer lab

    Kiriwina Secondary School is in desperate need of a Computer Laboratory with computers installed to enhance the learning skills of students. To date the students have no knowledge of the use of computers and it becomes very difficult for them to adjust when they enter into Tertiary Institution for further studies.

CFK would like to sincerely thank all of our wonderful donors and supporters who have made the past 10 years and cumulatively over 75 years of Caring for Kiriwina possible.

We would especially like to mention the ongoing support of several major donors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous (you know who you are :)) and the fabulous support of the staff at the School of Population Health, UNSW Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Let’s reach for the stars people!!! Please donate to our EOFY appeal :).

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January 2022


e-NEWS Happy New Year ✨


Greetings for a prosperous New Year 2022 from the Caring for Kiriwina (CFK) Management team to all our generous donors from all over the world.

The 2021 year was a year of challenges with the emergence and rise of COVID-19 which affected many lives and the movement of people as well as the loss of lives of our loved ones globally. 

The operations of Caring for Kiriwina were greatly affected especially by the reduced level of donations we received from our donors during the year. Despite the effects of COVID-19, CFK managed to continue to support the people of Kiriwina during 2021. The support provided by CFK to the people of Kiriwina continues to help with basic care needs which greatly benefits the health and well-being of the people.

From our Caring for Kiriwina In-Country Manager, Toks Bwaina and the rest of the CFK Team

Rates of pregnancy have exploded on Kiriwina during COVID, donations have been declining and the Kiriwinan people are in urgent need of more birthing kits, birthing delivery equipment and contraception aids.

Our CFK In-Country Manager – A BIG THANKS to DONORS – Video Below


Rebecca expresses her gratitude for the Kuluwa village CFK water pump, which has helped her community to access clean drinking water and safely deliver babies.

CFK VBA Rebecca, Kuluwa Village

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November 2021


e-NEWS Clean water update.


CFK maintained Water pumps service over 5,000 people. 

There is a high demand for clean drinking water for the village people on Kiriwina. Communities are in need of more water pumps to be supplied to enable them to have access to cleaning drinking water.

Our 7 water pumps are located across the entire Island. Our CFK plumber Koega provided these recent updates:
1. Kavataria pumps is being restored and now operating.
2. Oyabia/Orabesi pump is being restored and now operating.
3. KSS female pump is being restored and now operating
4. KSS male pump is yet to be restored due to a part required.
5. Kuluwa pump is in good condition and operating.
6. Kenobasi pump is in good condition and operating.
7. Oyabia Primary School Pump waiting for hardware coming from Alotau.

Great work everyone!!!


It was a joyous moment for David Max Ibwasa seeing him with full smile while pumping the water for himself. Couple of days ago he was carrying little containers to fetch water for his family but now the pump has made life easier for him coz its just few meters away from his house.

Thanks to the social media for making it possible for our lovely friends  from afar to react positively to help us. I and the Oyabia and Rabesi community want to send our sincere gratitude to CFK team from Aussie and Toks Bwaina from Pom with the local team here in Trobs for putting things together for our pump to function.. Thank you all so much. Kamatokisi.

From Enos Enos, from Rabesi Village, thanking CFK on behalf of Oyabia/Rabesi people.

Thanks to the CFK team especially Toks Bwaina for quick respond to get the local team to have the pump fixed as soon as possible. Not forgetting the other members of the CFK team who make things possible for our community. Kamatokisi Saina kwaiveka.

Arthur Galaboda, from Kavataria village who is enjoying the pump that was recently fixed.

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Caring For Kiriwina
Please help the women & children of Kiriwina

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