Clean Drinking Water

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We are raising funds to promote the supply of clean drinking water. Kiriwina Island is flat, with no rivers and no naturally-occurring fresh drinking water. While the underground water table is easily accessed as it is shallow, it is of brackish quality and frequently not potable, although suitable for bathing (and is so used for the 25,000 Kiriwina inhabitants). The village toilets and household rubbish from about 80 villages contaminate it further.

The PNG government has recently begun supplying corrugated iron roofing for some buildings to help in water collection, but no guttering, downpipe or tanks to aid the water collection. Caring for Kiriwina is trying to fund the supply of these essentials, from your gifts.

Donations and volunteers are crucial for the existence of Caring for Kiriwina. You can make sure that the Kiriwina people continue to benefit from our efforts on their behalf.


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