Afternoon Tea for VHV

  • April 2, 2017 at 2:30 am
  • Taylor Street, Glebe NSW
  • Open

Have you ever wondered how idyllic life might be on a remote tropical island?  Well, the island of Kiriwina in the Trobriand Islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea is a coral atoll surrounded by warm turquoise waters, and might just be one such place.

However, for women in childbirth in Kiriwina, life can be far from idyllic. Without modern medicines or an established medical system, childbirth can be a frightening and sometimes dangerous experience. The women must rely on each other and on a group of dedicated local women known as the Village Health Volunteers (VHVs) to attend births, assist with labour and conduct follow up visits.  Most births today happen in rural villages, in houses made of bush materials, without basic essentials such as running water or electricity.  As dedicated as the VHVs are, only a handful have received any training in decades, and many of those originally trained are now too old to attend some of the more remote or difficult births.

For many years, the Village Health Volunteers have relied upon the generous assistance from the Australian secular charity, Caring for Kiriwina, who regularly send basic birthing kits and care packages to the island.  However what the Kiriwinan women now need most of all is up to date, medically correct training from Australian trained remote specialist midwifes.

In April this year, five Sydney women including two specialist midwife educators are heading off to Kiriwina to conduct a one week intensive training program for as many as 80 new and existing VHVs.  All the Australians are volunteering their time and expertise.

On Sunday April 2 we are asking you to help the women of Kiriwina and maybe even help yourself!   Please join us at Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus for a glass of bubbly and some afternoon tea.  We are also hosting a ‘clothing swap’.  If you have one, max two pieces of clothing or accessories that are still fabulous but you no longer wear, fit into or would just like to gift, bring them along, and they may just be amazing on someone else. You might get to go home with a couple of pieces that suit you to a tee!

A donation for the event of $30 or whatever you can afford would be appreciated. You can pay online or on the day. All money raised will go directly to Caring for Kiriwina to fund this trip, including training aids and assistance to the VHVs to leave their villages and attend the training. Donations are tax deductable if you leave your details. For more information visit our website caringforkiriwina.org.

Donations of items for a raffle would also be gratefully received.

If you don’t have anything to bring, don’t stress, just come along and enjoy a lovely afternoon. Please let us know if you can make it so we can make sure there are enough bottles of bubbly on ice!


Sunday 2nd April 2017

Blackwattle Bay Campus
Taylor Street (near corner of Bridge Road)
Glebe NSW

Parking should be available in the teacher’s car park opposite the school entrance.


2:30 – 5:00pm

Tickets Purchase: CLICK HERE


Vanessa:  vanessapalfreeman@gmail.com or ring mobile 0400 472 987 or
Caring for Kiriwina: jodi@caringforkiriwina.org

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Attention all Cruise Ship Passengers!

Please help us transport our life saving birthing kits to Kiriwina. Contact us at: info@caringforkiriwina.org.au for more details :).

Rates of pregnancy have exploded on Kiriwina have increased dramatically, by over 300 % in the last reporting quarter of 2024 and the Kiriwinan people are in urgent need of more birthing kits, delivery equipment and contraception aids.

Our CFK In-Country Manager, Toks Bwaina- A BIG THANKS to DONORS - (Video below)

Rebecca expresses her gratitude for the Kuluwa village CFK water pump, which has helped her community to access clean drinking water and safely deliver babies.

CFK VBA Rebecca, Kuluwa Village (Video above)
Video message from Kiriwina Secondary School Principal Mr. Cyril T.

The supply of Kiriwinan Schools with the basic items essential to teaching and learning is ongoing – please help us help them to produce their future teachers, doctors, nurses, and midwives.

Kiriwina Secondary School Principal Mr. Cyril T. (Video above)


Credit: A massive thank you to the brilliant Shea Caplice (CFK Midwife) & her fabulously talented son Lincoln Caplice
Main speaker: Midwife Florence (Forever in our hearts). Kiriwinan song: dedicated to the late Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawton

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