Education Projects

HELP us support the schools on Kiriwina

Project 1: School Educational materials

The support from CFK has allowed all the schools on Kiriwina to sit their yearly exams. Due to continual government absence of supply, CFK has donated and continues to supply thousands of pens and pencils to all the schools on Kiriwina.

Project 2: CFK School Fee Scholarship Program

CFK administers the CFK School Fee Scholarship program which pays for the mandatory High school fees for extremely vulnerable students.

Videos of our gorgeous shy Scholarship Students expressing their gratitude to their donors.

Project 3: Translation of readers into Kiriwinan

CFK is also working on producing a primer (first textbook) for teaching of reading in the Kiriwinan language, an alphabet book and a basal reader. It is incredibly important for the children to be literate in their own language.


We have been excited to be able to co-ordinate donation delivery of educational supplies of pens  and books to the Losuia High School & Primary School, Oyabia Elementary School and Oulakai village schools as well as many other Kiriwinan schools across the Island. We have managed to extend our help and provide much needed school equipment to several schools on the Island. The final year exams could not have been completed without CFK providing hundreds of pens and other essential school equipment.



Kiriwinan linguistic expert, the Reverend Dr Ralph Lawton dedicated his time to writing and translating the Primer books and with the volunteered assistance of Caring for Kiriwina will endeavor to publish Primer books for the Kiriwian people.

Donations will be used to print and distribute these much needed education resources.

If you can donate, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please CLICK HERE where you could use PayPal or Credit Card.