Kiriwina High School girls water pump is now in use. Opened by our united church Chaplain Rev. Aaron Abraham in the presence of Board members and school admin staff… Thanks to CFK, Australia Aid @DFAT, #DFAT, #Friendshipgrants, @Friendshipgrants.

Photo of dignitaries present at the opening pictured below:

1. Mr Ridley Mwaisiga – HEO in charge Losuia Health Centre (in blue short sleeve shirt with basket)
2. Mr Sailoi – Head of Education Losuia District and KHS Board Chairman (in blue long sleeve front pumping water).
3. Mr Abraham Kobwata – Headmaster of KHS (in green collar T-shirt).
4. Mr Buloumata Asera – Chairman KHS P&C (in floral shirt and at the back of Mr Sailoi)
5. Teacher of KHS – standing at the back next to Mr Asera.
Chaplain Rev. Aaron Abraham pumping the water.
KHS girls using pump
KHS boys pump nearly done

Thank you all for your support!.

Sadly Ruben, a Kiriwina High School Year 9 student’s father passed away when he was young and his mother is blind and disabled and cannot afford to pay the school fees.

Thanks to Katharina’s generous $100 donation he is now able to complete year 9.

Thank you so much Katharina! Your donation will go a long way to help.

Please help us help more desperate students trying to keep attending school, or to help Ruben Ruben continue his years 10 to 12 education Please Donate at: CLICK HERE

Ruben Ruben with his Headmaster, seen behind Ruben and Deputy Headmaster to the right.
Ruben Ruben thanks his supporter
Ruben’s letter of thanks
Letter from school Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster of Kiriwina High School

Are you interested in public health as a career? Come and join us at the UNSW open day stall, Saturday 7th September 2019, 9am to 4pm, Anzac parade walk. UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine (SPHCM)are supporting Caring for Kiriwina by donating the material and organising a mass packing session for the birthing kits and dignity kits. What a wonderful life saving initiative!!! Thank you so much to the team at UNSW’s SPHCM. Just brilliant! For more information go to openday.unsw.edu.au. @unswmedicine, @unsw, #unsw, #unswmedicine, #CaringforKiriwina.

Photo courtesy of CFK’s mid-wife extraordinaire Shea Caplice.

This photo is one of the new CFK water pumps installed at Kenobasi Village. The population of this village is approximately 130 people. The nearby village known as Wagaluma Village is about 80 people another village Okasikasi is’about 80 people has well to benefit from this water pump. This is the first of 5 pumps bought by CFK and to be installed by Mr Koega. The basement will be cemented during next week. The video of the woman pumping water is one of the VBA’s surrounded by local people. The people expressed their appreciation and gratitude to CFK’s sponsors and donors and the Australian Aid program for this life saving initiative.

In-country Manager Toks Bwaina