Three boxes of Birthing Kits, knitted baby vests, jumpers, pens and pencils, masks and sanitizers are all winging their way to Kiriwina’s Losuia Health Care Centre, VBA’s and schools. Our In-country manager is hoping that the travel route stays open to deliver all the items personally by the end of this month. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again to all our donors, sponsors and volunteers. Without your help this work would not be possible.


This School Fee Scholarship has been set up to help students in desperate need of fee assistance. The Kiriwina Secondary School students who have been awarded this grant have shown that they are taking their studies seriously. When a student does not continue to show commitment towards their studies the award will be handed over to a more deserving student. There are many, many worthy students who need this assistance.

The lucky five CFK Scholarship recipients photos are shown below. The donors have been supplied with their students photos and profiles created by Deputy Principal ET at Kiriwina Secondary School and can communicate with their student via CFK.

Comment about Edward on FB:
“One of my bubus son from Mwatawa, I am so happy. I was at home last December and he was the only humble boy to come by to spend educational talk. My bubus are illiterate and this is their son who made it to higher school. Happy tracking him.”


Thank you Kiriwina Secondary School staff for implementing the Scholarship, especially the Headmaster of Kiriwina Secondary School, Mr Abraham Kobwata and t Mr. E.TOPIRIM-Deputy Principal Administration/CFK Agent/Kiriwina Secondary School. Most of all thank you so much to all the donors that provided the $100 yearly school fee. It is a very small amount to change a child’s life.

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Fixed by our wonderful CFK plumber Mr Koega. Thanks to our generous sponsors, donors and volunteers, this is fantastic news at any time and especially now in this time of pandemic. You need clean water to wash your hands. 

Just look at that clean drinking water flow!!! Kiriwina high school’s boys pump in action with our wonderful plumber Mr Koega looking on!
Kiriwina High School Girl’s pump with clean drinking water pouring out 🙂

July 2020


e-NEWS Pandemic support for Kiriwina

CFK Head VBA’s: Florence Silupaya (left), Dulcie Nelson (middle), Sapaira Jacob (right) receiving translated COVID posters – printing kindly donated by Moore Printing Company Port Moresby, as well as birthing kits and hand soaps last Sunday 12th July 2020.

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve very quickly not only world wide but in PNG itself. 

Unsurprisingly, the overcrowded conditions, lack of sanitation and fear of being outcast means that COVID-19 cases are being under reported. Direct travel to the Island has been difficult due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. Our in-country manager Toks Bwaina has managed to fly over to Kiriwina in the past week to report on progress on the Island and distribute much needed COVID-19 support items such as soaps, sanitizers, face masks, birthing kits and education posters translated into Kiriwinan to the Losuia Health Centre, the Village Health Volunteer in Kavataria Village and our CFK Village Birth Attendants.

Birthing kits, hand sanitizers, hand soaps, COVID-19 awareness posters and face masks to Losuia Health Centre mid wives Bokawau and Linese this Monday morning at Losuia Health Centre.

Hand sanitizer, COVID-19 awareness posters and face masks delivered to Kavataria Village Health Volunteer, Jansen Toposona.

We also delivered pens, pencils, posters and soap to Kiriwina High School as well as Kavataria and Oyabia Elementary Schools.

The children are still the most at risk, and while we continue our focus on their support with birthing education and kits, we are also assisting with essential school equipment, COVID support and the provision of annual Education Scholarships to the local schools. Five scholarships are being processed at the moment through a rigorous selection criteria to provide money to the most needy school students.

Delivery of pens, posters and soap to the Headmaster of Kiriwina High School. Mr Abraham Kobwata (in blue collar shirt) with KHS students.

Delivery of pens and pencils to Oyabia Elementary School to head teacher Mr Dibela Enos with student.

Delivery pens and pencils to Kavataria Elemetary school Mr Christoper Toposona (senior elementary teacher) with elementary students.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors the Deputy Headmaster Mr Esau Topirim of Kiriwina High School has just informed us that our CFK plumber Mr Koega has fixed the Kiriwina High School girls’ pump this morning. He will be back tomorrow to fix the boys pump and check on the status of other pumps including the Kavataria Village pump. We continue to work on the constant upkeep of the existing pumps and the future upgrade, supply and install of new bigger and better water pumps to other desperate areas of Kiriwina.

Thanks again to all our donors for your ongoing support!

Our in country manager has been very busy on the ground on Kiriwina and reporting back…Over the next few weeks we will be posting the on Island updates.

Toks has delivered birthing kits, hand sanitizers, hand soaps, COVID-19 awareness posters and face masks to Losuia Health Centre Nurses Bokawau and Linese yesterday morning at Losuia Health Centre.

Thank you again to all our sponsors and donors for making this all possible.

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The most Gorgeous Losuia Health Centre midwives Bokawau and Linese, receiving the donated items yesterday.