Thank you to the team at Beyond Q: Jenni Lawton and Simon Maddox, Linda Douglas at Chefs Kitchen and Mary Jonmundsson for making the Cooking Fun-raiser such as success. The money raised from ticket sales has gone directly into the CFK bank account and purchased Birthing Kit contents for our now active Canberra Beyond Q birthing kit assembly group to be initiated. We have many VBA’s on Kiriwina and the outer Islands to supply and this has necessitated an expansion of our assembly teams, we are now based in Sydney and Canberra. Anyone interested in joining the Canberra working group please contact Jenni on 0421 526 344. Thank you also to all the supporters that came to the event and purchased cooking equipment from Chef’s Kitchen. 20% of the total purchase price will be sent to our Charity and Chefs Kitchen will supply some of their high quality kitchen equipment for us to raffle off in the near future. Keep an eye out for more updates.

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As the airport is still closed we are so thankful to these Pacific Aria passengers for contacting us and offering to transport anything we required to Kiriwina. We have managed to pack and send another 80 Birthing Kits. Thanks again to the sterling efforts of Diana and Kylie Adams for rising to the challenge and getting these Birthing Kits packed and ready in the nick of time.