There is still no help for VBA’s by the Health Department, however, they are very committed to their work and doing their work with kindness and generosity, helping pregnant mothers deliver their babies safely.

Birthing kits were delivered to Fellows, Luba 1, Kilivila 1, Kaileuna and Kula circuits VBA’s.

The birthing kits were delivered to the following villages VBA representatives:

  1. Kavataria VBA’s – Fellows Circuit
  2. Mulosaida VBA’s – Fellows Circuit
  3. Oyabia-Orabesi VBA’s  – Fellows Circuit
  4. Osesuia VBA’s – Fellows Circuit
  5. Kwemtula VBA’s – Fellows Circuit
  6. Ilalima VBA’s – Luba 2 Circuit
  7. Okaikoda VBA’s – Kilivila 1 Circuit
  8. Kaisiga VBA’s – Kaileuna circuit
  9. Munuwata VBA’s – Kaileuna Circuit
  10. Giva VBA’s – Kaileuna Circuit
  11. Kitava VBA’s – Kula Circuit

There are currently a lot of pregnancies and the VBA’s require many more birthing kits. The VBA’s also request more torches or lights to help them to attend to deliveries at night as well as batteries. We are currently purchasing another 30 lanterns and more batteries.

We have also distributed condoms’ to our village health volunteer as well as Losuia Health Centre to encourage males to use condoms to promote family planning.

Rebecca and Winniefred, two of the four top students of Kiriwina Secondary School selected to do Grades 11 and 12 at Aiyura National High School in Eastern Highlands Province.

The families of both students were farewelled at Jackson’s terminal last week.

Both arrived in Nadzab, Lae and school vehicles were not available for pick up, so the school arranged accommodation for them at Lae to spend a night and the school truck picked them up in the morning and took them to the school.

Best wishes girls. We understand this will be a very different culture to get used to 🙂

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Rebecca at Jackson airport terminal