Just look at those smiles. First photos back from our CFK In-country manager Toks latest CFK project progress reporting trip to Kiriwina.

Thank you again to all those fabulous knitters who donated to Sandy, initially having Africa, Nepal and Kiriwina in mind. Are knits are being well utilized. The Kiriwians and incredibly grateful!!!!

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Thanks to our wonderful donors we are able to introduce the next ten CFK School Fee Scholarships recipients for 2020. Your donation of $125 can provide a year’s boarding for a student in need to attend high school and continue their studies. You will be supplied with a photo and profile of the student who receives the scholarship, and can communicate with them via CFK.

You can be assured that your full donation will be targeted to a particular student, who has been selected on the advice of both the Principal and Deputy Principals, to allow them to remain at school.

We appreciate the wonderful generosity of our supporters. As Australian Government funding has been put on hold during the pandemic, we rely solely on our donors to continue our work on Kiriwina.

Our wonderful in-country manager is currently on Kiriwina presenting all the 2020 recipients their scholarship certificates.


$125 scholarship donation

Unfortunately, 63 baby vests and 50 knitted beanies of various sizes did not make it to their initial destination which was a Nepalese mission hospital. Thankfully they were returned and are now on their way to our gorgeous Kiriwinan babies. We all hope the Nepalese babies can receive deliveries soon. Thank you to Sandy and the Nepalese Charity. The Kiriwinan babies will be thrilled.

Postman Andy sending the boxes of knitting.

Nelson was one of the core team of dedicated translators who produced the full translation of the Kiriwina Bible.  The people of Kiriwina need to thank God for his service and for his intelligent contribution to the translation work over the past decades.  What he has done will be with the Kiriwina people long into the future.

Nelson always earned the highest respect for his energy, passion, and commitment in every aspect of his life. He loved to share his deep knowledge of all things Kiriwinan, and we give thanks for the privilege of his friendship.

We are deeply saddened by his passing.  We mourn his loss and send our deepest condolences to his wife Dulcie, his children and extended family, and to all of those who were close to him, who are no doubt feeling this loss deeply. 

Rest in peace, Nelson.

From left: Nelson’s late son Daydd (named after Doug’s best friend Daydd), wife Dulcie and Nelson 120313.
Nelson and Dulcie 190927.