Another gorgeous photo of the CFK donated safe delivery of primary school readers, and lead and coloured pencils being recently delivered to Kavataria Elementary school students and teachers. Thank you again to all our wonderful sponsors and donors from the bottom of our hearts. 🙌

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Our plumber Mr Koega and his team 🙂

Photos of our plumber Mr Koega and his team working on the recent repairs to the Kavataria village water pump, ongoing maintenance is required.

CFK continues to support our clean drinking water projects upkeep of our 7 water pumps situated across the Island. Attempting to deliver a constant source of clean water to the Kirwina Secondary School students and the main village and 6 other villages. Many more water pumps need to be installed.

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What a gorgeous photo! Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for the safe delivery of lead and coloured pencils to Oyabia Elementary School.

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This Remembrance Day we remember those ANZACs who served in partnership with the Kiriwinan people in WW2.

Thank you Diggers for building the Losuia airport strip, the most vital piece of infrastructure on Kiriwina, still in use today. Below image of diggers on Losuia airport strip during WW2.

11 November significance

Originally known as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November and marks the signing of the peace agreement between Germany and the Allies that ended the Great War of 1914-1918.

Featured image Kokoda Trail c/o the Australian War Memorial. Second World War Defining Moments, 1939–1945 | 2.4 What was the soldiers’ experience of the Kokoda Trail? | Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classroom | National Museum of Australia (nma.gov.au)

2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the Kokoda Track campaign. Approximately 625 Australians were killed and more than 1,600 wounded in the four-month battle along the Kokoda Track in 1942.

As we mourn those who lost their lives during the war, we also mourn the recent tragic loss of life on Kiriwina with many innocent lives lost…

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Lest we forget.

Not forgotten nor forsaken

Are the lads no longer here;

I shall call-and you will waken

On this one day of the year

from Landing in the Dawn, John Sandes 1916

Here is a Post-Courier article about this tribal conflict:

As many of our supporters would be aware, Kiriwina had just experienced a horrendous death toll due to a tribal conflict. Kiriwina is known for its peace-loving people and nothing like this has happened on Kiriwina in living memory.

This tragic event did not only affect the days around the event, but its ongoing legacy is also the looming starvation of the villagers. This conflict has affected the next year’s food security of all villages involved. Hundreds of innocent victims now look at an immediate future without food.

Some villages have had their crops destroyed, whilst others will not be able to harvest their crops as they have had their labour resources removed from the island while the authorities undertake investigations into the fighting. 

At this time of the year, all yam seeds in other villages have been planted, and there will be none available until after the harvest next year.

Again, we would like to pay our respects to the family and friends of the victims.

Caring for Kiriwina needs your support to provide basic food items such as rice, sugar, tinned food, noodles, teabags, flour, and cooking oil.


Featured image and above are photos of these villages gardens in 2021