On our recent trip to Kiriwina we realised that other than the torches we had recently sent over there was no other available lighting source for the VBA’s work. The VBA’s use burning sticks to check the progress of births at night… a seemingly precarious practice. We are sending x 75 headlamps (which are a triumph of German engineering) over to our wonderful CFK VBA’s, thanks to a 75% off sale and the continued generosity of our wonderful sponsors and donors. We will strive to light the way for our Kiriwinan VBA’s, Mother’s and Babies.

Thank you Gina, your generosity means a lot to our wonderful Kiriwinan VBA’s and their mothers. Gina has delivered the first of the many Birthing Kit packages to come. One of the many initiatives we have adopted since returning from our latest trip is to send up more birthing kits. Whist we were there we also noticed that many of the older VBA’s feet suffered badly from walking constantly on the coral ground to travel the vast distances they have to travel to help their mothers, so we have also started to send up thongs to make their journeys slightly more comfortable.