Our In-Country manager Toks met with the Losuia Health Centre’s Ray, NOIC, CFK-LHC Midwife Bokowau, CFK-LHC HO Jansen yesterday to receive more birthing kits and other supplies and discuss our expanding Caring for Kiriwina initiatives including our up-coming training workshops.

Exciting to see the internet is working on the Island at the moment. Instant communication, WOW. Traditionally this link will only last for a few days so we will try and make the most of it.

Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors and donors and the Australian Government for making this all possible @DFAT, @FriendshipGrants, #DFAT, #FriendshipGrants

Great work. Way forward. In the picture shown is Ray Monewau, NOIC, Retired HEO Mr Toposona and Retired NO Bokawau who has been the powerhouse for the VBA/VHV program. Thank you all ! From Lokula Lodge

We are busily setting up items for the September 2019 VBA Training trip and came across these footage gems from 2018. Can’t wait to see them all again! Thank you our volunteers, supporters and donors #DFAT, @DFAT and @FriendshipGrants for this opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of the Kiriwinan people.

What a welcome!

“Every woman has a right to complete healthcare throughout her life.”

Where Women Have No Doctor

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Clearly written and with over 1000 drawings, Where Women Have No Doctor addresses health issues across the lifespan and considers issues specific to girls, older women, women with disabilities, and refugees. Topics include pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding; HIV and sexually transmitted infections; sexual health; mental health; the politics of women’s health; rape and other violence against women; and much more.

This updated printing features updated antiretroviral information based on World Health Organization guidelines to treat HIV and prevent mother-to-child transmission. Other updated topics include family planning; eclampsia; treatment of sexually transmitted infections; cervical, breast and other cancers; care for women who have had abortions; and use of medicines. Text from publishers website: CLICK HERE for more information.

None of this would be possible without our supporters, such as @DFAT, @Friendship Grant, #DFAT, #FriendShipGrant. Thank you!

Another two boxes of Birthing Kits (One box sent to the Lousia Health Centre (LHC), One box to the VBA’s administrative team). One Box of muslin wraps to be distributed between the LHC and VBA’s. One Box of Dignity Kits handed over to Kiriwina High School and One Box of x 1,000 condoms being handed over to Govt. circuit representative, elder Nelsen, who is in charge of a men’s group initiative promoting the use of these biodegradable condoms amongst the men on Kiriwina.

Our in-country manager will be flying over from POM to Kiriwina this weekend to meet with the recipients of this aid and make sure these items are distributed correctly. Thank you to all our volunteers, sponsors and donors. @DFAT, @FriendshipGrants, #DFAT, #FriendshipGrants. Great work Team!!!

Read all about: Water shortages causing the shutdown of Kiriwina’s main High School – x 5 water pumps to be installed – Kiriwina High School supplied with Dignity Kits – September Training trip preparations in full swing – June CFK VBA meeting, over 104 attendees.

If it is too hard to read as an embedded image CLICK HERE

We will be sending up to five water pumps over to Kiriwina in the next couple of weeks to be installed in the villages that are most in need. These pumps are perfect for these conditions, originally designed in 1848, Gould’s heavy duty hand operated pump with open spout has a proven track record for reliability in these extreme working conditions.

Thank you to DFAT and the Friendship Grant and all our other sponsors and donors for allowing the life saving work to continue. Thank you!!!! @DFAT, @FriendshipGrants, #DFAT, #FriendshipGrants