A constant stream of supplies are being shipped over to Kiriwina for our VBA training week at the end of October. As the network has been down for weeks our fabulous in-country manager is flying over to Kiriwina next weekend to help co-ordinate the arrangements for our visit. It is all getting very exciting… and close, only 23 more sleeps…

We are in need of some extra funds for this trip to the Island. Please Donate Here

Arrived at the Post Office as soon as it opened this morning and this was the line that met us…packing and sending three huge boxes in tiny Post Office premises can be particularly challenging. Thank you to all the other Post Office customers for their patience.

It will be wonderful to have all these items, including Birthing Kits and muslin wraps with the VBA’s on Kiriwina.

Thank you again to all our sponsors and donors. We could not do any of this without you!!!!

The Caring for Kiriwina Team.



As a CFK Australian midwife initiative we are now including a Muslin baby wrap in every birthing kit. Great thinking girls. The Caring for Kiriwina Team

Baby Muslin Wraps: Tips To Use Your Wrap to its Fullest Potential

Muslin is a delicate fabric with rich roots that date back to the early 17th century, though it is probably much older.

Muslin was traditionally made from unusually soft hand spun cotton linen, making it one of the most sought after types of clothing material. It is among the most soft cloths and a treat to touch, which is probably the reason why muslin baby wraps are such a big hit. A baby, your baby, and all other babies deserve this kind of luxury and not many other natural fabrics will provide that experience for them.

These beautiful muslin wraps are much more than mere blankets, meaning that they can be used in numerous ways.

Breastfeeding is a Cinch With This Wrap

A little bundle of joy can get hungry at any time, and a mother needs to be ready to comply. The issue is hunger can also strike when you are out and about, meaning that you may have to breastfeed in public. This might feel a little strange, especially if there are strangers about. Not to worry because this luxurious muslin cloth can easily wrap around your baby and your breast to ensure that the feeding is done in a discreet way.

Wipe A Baby Mess Away Easily

One of the reasons that cotton has always been useful to people is because it is one of the most absorbent cloths available. This means that any mess that your baby makes can be cleaned up by the wrap itself. Of course, the wrap can be cleaned up easily when you get home. This means that you can successfully get off using paper or cleaning wipes, which can save you money and make you a little more eco-conscious.

An Awesome All-Year Round Swaddling Blanket

Sure, your baby will look exceptionally cute cuddled up in this blanket, but there are other reasons why swaddling is an important act. For one, a newborn has a hard time controlling his or her temperature. This means that swaddling helps the little princess or prince stay warm.

Another reason that you want to swaddle your baby in one of these muslin wraps is because babies have a hard time dealing with their own startle reflexes. These reflexes can actually make a baby wake up before he or she needs to, which might make the baby a little grumpy. The solution is to wrap them tightly to ensure that these reflexes are suppressed, and your baby can sleep soundly.

Instant Apron or Burb Cloth

It goes without saying that an absorbent cloth like the muslin wrap can be turned into an apron or burb cloth when needed. There is no need to worry about your baby making a mess of his or her amazingly cute outfit without first wowing some of your friends or family members. All you have to do is ensure you use the wrap to keep any stains from ruining the baby’s clothes.

Sun Shield for Any Occasion

The sun bothers your baby as much as it bothers you, but this cloth is a great way to block that bright light. The especially knit muslin cloth diffuses the light without blocking the light entirely but enough to make your child feel comfortable. It can be used over the crib, or it can be placed on the car window while you are driving about.

Light Blanket During the Summer

The blanket is thin enough to be used during the summer as well. It can give your baby enough comfort without making your child feel too hot. Of course, the swaddling should be a little looser if you are attempting to keep your baby a little cooler during the summer.

Changing Mat for Nappy Change

Oh, babies are quite surprising in a lot of different ways. For example, you never know when you have to change his or her diaper. You do not want to be forced to place your little baby over a cold and hard counter just to perform a little nappy change. Thankfully, you have your muslin wrap as changing mat that can be folded just enough to provide comfort and warmth on your child’s back while you change his or her diaper.

Great Photo Backdrop for Pictures

No parent can be fully fulfilled without taking a lot of photographs of his or her baby. The muslin wrap comes with different playful or elegant designs that can be easily used to make the perfect backdrop for a photograph to share with family members, friends, or to post on your favorite social media account.

It should be noted that even professional photographers love using muslin because the fabric is especially reflective, meaning that is should be able to capture the light from the camera or sunlight effectively and help you produce a beautiful picture.

It is plain to see that a muslin wrap is a lot more than a mere blanket, especially for a creative parent like you.

Credit for article: https://www.blankclothing.com.au/blog/baby-muslin-wraps-tips-to-use-your-wrap-to-its-fullest-potential/