Here is a SHOUT OUT to all Canberrans, The 2018 Midwinter Yarralumbla Arts and Crafts Show started TODAY! Friday 28th June, and goes all weekend. Wonderful arts and crafts and homemade cakes for sale. The Arts and Crafts show has generously supported Caring for Kiriwina since our inception in 2012. THANK YOU to all involved for your commitment and support!!!

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/midwinterartsandcrafts/?tn=HHH-R

Thank you Australian Women’s Weekly and journalist Melissa Field and also Miranda Herron for this gift of a wonderful article. Nestled between articles about Prince William and Dame Edna Everage, we feel extremely honoured and really appreciate your support! Please buy a copy and support CFK and AWW. A special thank you to Jodi’s mum Diana and sister Kylie Adams for their hundreds of hours packing the birthing kits, they sadly their tireless work did not get mentioned the article. Caring for Kiriwina is an Australian aid initiative implemented by Caring for Kiriwina on behalf of the Australian Government. @DFAT, @FriendshipGrant, #DFAT, # FriendshipGrant

Thanks to our fabulous donors, sponsors and volunteer packers, Diana and Kylie Adams, we have managed to deliver another x 150 birthing kits, and a further x 100 will be delivered on the weekend. We are working on another x 500 to be delivered by the end of next month. Our latest report from our In-country manager reveals an increase in births… (excerpt below) which means we need to increase our supply.

According to the VBA’s, at this time of the year, they have experienced increase number of pregnancies in the villages. The small villages have approximately 5 pregnancies per village and the bigger villages is about 10. The number of birthing kits supplied for each village is less than the number of pregnancies.

reported CFK In-country Manager Toks Bwaina

Photo below: CFK kit distribution to VBA’s 12th June 2019.

Empowering women – menstrual hygiene is an integral part of health. CFK is proud to help keep girls stay at school in Kiriwina through menstrual hygiene product distribution and education.  Targeting the most at risk demographic in need of this hygiene product the Kiriwinan schools have come on board and are distributing the CFK re-usable menstrual pad kits to their students. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for allowing this wonderful initiative to become a reality and help empower thousands of Kiriwinan girls.

CFK sent our in-country manager over to Kiriwina to personally deliver the donated items directly to the intended recipients.

Here are some photos of happy members of the CFK Health & Hygiene Committee with their newly donated torches meeting on the 8th June and a photo of the results of this clean village initiative.

“The torches will help them greatly in maintaining the cleanliness of the village. The other photo shows part of the village and how this committee has made great impacts and efforts to maintain the cleanness of the village.

Tok, CFK in-country Manager
  1. Meeting With Kavataria Health and Hygene Committee Report from Toks

Met with the 17 Committee Members of Health and Hygene of Kavataria Village on the evening of 7 June 2019. The cleanness of the village is maintained. Every morning the first thing people do is clean up the village before they go to the gardens or fishing. The committee also guard the beach front and shores making sure people use right places to relieve themselves. People dispose of rubbish at designated places and burned them up. With the presentation of torches as a donation from Caring for Kiriwina (CFK) will enable and equip the committee to be more effective in undertaking their tasks. Also met with them on the morning of June 8 and presented the torches to them. The committee expressed their gratitude and appreciation to CFK for the donation of torches.