Video 1 – Kuluwa Water Pump

My name is Rebecca. My husband’s name is William. I am from Kuluwa Village.

Before the installation of the water pump we normally fetch water at the swamp a long distance away from the village. When the rain comes the water wells are muddy and contaminated however we still fetch water for drinking. When there is dry spell we dig deeper water wells about 1 to 2 meters deep to find water. We wash new born babies from these contaminated water from the wells. Now that the water pump has being installed in my village, the pump has made a significant improvement in the lives of my people. We now have access to clean water at our door step. We use the water for drinking, cooking and helped the pregnant mothers and mothers who have delivered and their babies. My village has a total population of 400 people.

I give my consent for viewers to see my photo and hear what I have said. Thank you.

Rebecca – Kuluwa Village
Short video of Rebecca expressing how great the CFK pump has helped her community at Kuluwa Village.

None of Caring for Kiriwina’s success would have been possible in the past 10 years without the incredible organisational and managerial skills of our CFK in-country manager Toks Bwaina. Without his skillful management of the extremely difficult logistical tasks undertaken by CFK none of our wonderful results would have been possible. Toks Bwaina is a wonderful soul who has volunteered hours of his time for the benefit of his people. Caring for Kiriwina would like to take this opportunity to thank you Toks from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Toks and Vanessa on Kiriwina
Toks running VBA meeting on Kiriwina