Photo above: Our wonderful Midwife educator, Shea Caplice and head VBA Ruth Boaz. Left Vanessa Palfreeman, right Bokawau and Jacqui Andrews in full flight. Featured photo: Mothers and babies in Kavataria Village.

The CFK Training Team arrived back safe and sound late last night. Yay!!!

Although the training week sadly coincided with the very vital October new garden planting period, 210 Village Birth Attendant participants traveled from all over the island and surrounding islands to come together for the week of training. During the training we managed to verify that seemingly all of the initiatives that had been taught 18 months ago in the first workshop had been adopted by the VBA’s, this information was very satisfying for all involved. The 2018 teaching was scaffolded  onto the 2017 training,  the Kiriwinan’s are very adept at role play’s, quizzes were completed and the learning reinforced. We had many meetings whist on the Island to discuss strategies to continue to assist these beautiful people, partnering with elders, relevant stakeholders and the Losuia Health Centre representatives who’s members, retired midwife Bokawau and newly appointed midwife Leness assisted CFK in convening the training.

We wish to thank our intrepid team of midwife educators, the extraordinaire Shea Caplice, Jacqui Andrews and Deputy VBA program director Vanessa Palfreeman for their incredible stoicism, bravery and commitment to the people of Kiriwina. We would also like to thank their families for allowing them to come and preform this vital work and of course all of our amazing supporters, without whom all this would not be possible. We would also like to thank the Kiriwinan people for their famous hospitality and our in country manager Toks, our on Island manager Lepani and our amazing head VBA’s Ruth and Dulcie, (Dulcie’s husband Nelson) and the rest of the Kiriwinan people for making us feel so welcomed and loved during our time on the Island. We will have more updates on all our new initiatives in the coming weeks so please stay tuned.


Nessie’s greatest supporter Andrew Sweeney, what a hubby and friend and CFK supporter Lea Dawson, happy with her clothing swap.

CFK supporters intently listening to Nessie’s speech.

A huge thank you to over 60 gorgeous people who came along on Sunday to support our work in Kiriwina, and to those who couldn’t make it but have donated via the website.

It means so much to Jodi and I that we can share our experience, and our work with the women on the island. We will also share with them the love and support that you have all shown.

We are off early Sunday morning, looking forward to a successful trip, we have lots to do!

With all my love and thanks


Jodi would also like to apologise for her choice of attire on the day, she now understands that the pattern had the potential to cause elliptic fits. Luckily no one was harmed by her lack of judgement and the top has been removed from her wardrobe. She should have taken the opportunity to do a swap on the day.



Whist meeting with these wonder women to continue to work out our intricate logistics for the training trip that is so close now…I am reminded of what all these women are sacrificing, a 16th birthday for a son, finalising the move of an elderly mother into the family home, multiple other family support issues and wages, to travel to a place to be taken totally out of their comfort zones to provide this vital assistance to the Kiriwinan people. Truly wonderful women. May the FORCE be with you.
Photos from left: Shea Calpice (Intrepid Midwife Educator Extraordinaire) Vanessa Palfreeman ( Intrepid Deputy Director VBA Program)

Kamatokisi Andrew and Gina Wilson for their incredibly generous ongoing support for Caring for Kiriwina. Thank you!. They continue to help the Kiriwian people and their latest donation was to volunteer to take a very large, heavy duffle bag full of supplies over to Port Moresby for our training session in 8 sleeps time (and counting)…Can’t wait to see you guys soon. Our charity relies 100% on the kind hearted generosity of volunteers such as Andrew and Gina to exist.

Photo: Andrew Wilson holding the duffle bag packed to the brim with CFK training supplies.