Thank you Yarralumbla Uniting Church Friendship Group Stamp Committee for your generous donation and a big thank you to our wonderful CFK Management Team.

The Stamp Committee donation has gone into the creation of birthing kits and to pay for the increased delivery costs caused by the airport closure. We have also used this money to top-up the VBA CFK emergency mobile phones and to help us save towards our next VBA training trip this year. Despite the Airport still being closed we are still managing to provide for our wonderful Kiriwinan VBA’s.

We are determined to provide the next training workshop in the series in 2018. Logistically, due to transport issues, we are still determining the best timing for such a trip.

The wonderful! Vanessa and Shea at our latest Caring for Kiriwina coordination meeting.

Our heart felt thanks goes to recent Pacific Aria cruise passengers Catherine Gardiner and her husband who volunteered to deliver bags of Birthing Kits to our head VBA on Kiriwina, see below Catherine’s lovely delivery confirmation message:

“We successfully delivered the birthing kits to Ruth. She was a lovely lady. We met her daughters and grand daughter. Ruth also gave me a hand made bag with my name woven into it. It is such a basic island as was Kitava Island. We saw some of your birthing kits on Kitava when we visited so they definitely make it across. I wished I had taken so much more to these lovely little islands. Am so glad we were able to help the wonderful work you do. Please let me know if there is any other way to stay connected.”

Calling all Cruise Ship Passengers going to Kiriwina please CLICK HERE to donate your CFK Birthing Kit delivery services. With the airport still closed your help is essential.

Thank you

The CFK Team