COVID 19 has greatly impacted the lives of people. The supply of yams and other staple food crops have reduced which will effect the livelihood of people through the shortage of food supply and starvation. CFK has two gardens as part of its food security program on Kiriwina. These gardens are growing crops of yams of all varieties, taro, sweet potato and tapioca which are all growing very well. An indication of a plentiful and surplus harvest. The harvest will be able to help supply yams seeds and food for consumption to Kavataria and other villages on Kiriwina with low harvest production this year.

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Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for enabling us to continue this life-saving work. Images of the Kavataria Village pump being fixed, CFK plumber Mr. Koega and his boys attended to the water pump, and now the water pump is working and serving the community.

World Water day celebrates and raises awareness of global water issues. Clean drinking water is fundamental to all our lives and needs to be valued. During this time of COVID prevention, it should be even more valued. At CFK our very own plumber’s Mr. Koega and his boy’s job is to constantly maintain the 5 pumps that have been installed around the Island and advise and install the new pump/s that have already been purchased and are in the process of being freighted to Kiriwina.

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And CFK is sending over more sanitizer, facemasks and soap and PPE immediately 🙂

Help is coming. Australia will send a team of doctors including an infectious diseases expert to Papua New Guinea and consider fast-tracking vaccine supplies for the country as it battles an out-of-control coronavirus outbreak.



Remember to keep safe and wash you hands. See safety posters in Kiriwinan below:


Caring for Kiriwina wishes a Happy International Women’s Day to all those women who Choose to Challenge. RESPECT! #ChooseToChallenge. #InternationalWomensDay, #women, #respect, #CaringforKiriwina