These photos depict the Cultural Show at Kiriwina Secondary School, part of the Milamala Festive Season Celebrations, taken by the CFK In-Country Manager Toks on his recent trip to Kiriwina. The photos show Kiriwina Secondary School students in traditional attire loading their yam house with yams to celebrate a good yam harvest. The yams stored will be used for consumption by the students at a later date. 

Food security is a big issue on Kiriwina due to climate change, population increase and land shortages.

To promote food security on Kiriwina, CFK in conjunction with Toks, host the yam competition to enable people to work and maintain their gardens for a good harvest.

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Thanks so much to the lovely lady Michelle, who sewed and donated these gorgeous girls dresses.
Both Kiriwinan girls are 6 years old and in elementary school.

Clothes for children such as these are in desperate need.

Our wonderful dress maker Michelle with her donated dresses
Sheba with necklace and Melvina. In the background is the photo of the yam house filled with yams due to CFK food security program and promotion.

The Grade 12’s in PNG sat their National Written Expression Examination last Monday using the donated pens from CFK.

We asked the head teacher, Mr Kalu of KSS to convey CFK’s best wishes to all KSS Grade 12 students as well as donation of 2 boxes of pens to be distributed to the Grade 12 students.

Mr Kalu’s has taken these photos of the pens being distributed.

#caringforkiriwina, #benevolentsociety, #charity, #kiriwina, #trobriandislands, #papuanewguinea, #australia, #mothersandbabies, #cleanwater, #birthingkits, #dignitykits, #foodsecurity, #education, #panadol, #covidsafety

This will put a smile on your dial in lockdown! Just look at those fabulous outfits!

There were 225 gardeners. The two top gardeners harvested and heaped their yams and measured over 5 arm spans. All the 225 gardeners were appreciated for their hard work.

The yam house was filled up showing a good sign of harvest. The yams will be store for future distribution and consumption.

Photo 1: showing the Food Security Program Committee members. Photo 2: CFK In-Country Manager Toks handing over a food security prize

#foodsecurity, #caringforkiriwina, #charity, #benevolentsociety