Thank you from us…

Smiles all around at the distribution of donations by the VBA’s 1.1.2023.

Thanks to all our sponsors/donors, Australia post and the mammoth efforts of our in-country manager, our donations finally arrived on Kiriwina for distribution. Yay!

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Photo of the CFK VBA’s, excited to receive their donations on the first day of 2023 :).

Here is a Post-Courier article about this tribal conflict:

As many of our supporters would be aware, Kiriwina had just experienced a horrendous death toll due to a tribal conflict. Kiriwina is known for its peace-loving people and nothing like this has happened on Kiriwina in living memory.

This tragic event did not only affect the days around the event, but its ongoing legacy is also the looming starvation of the villagers. This conflict has affected the next year’s food security of all villages involved. Hundreds of innocent victims now look at an immediate future without food.

Some villages have had their crops destroyed, whilst others will not be able to harvest their crops as they have had their labour resources removed from the island while the authorities undertake investigations into the fighting. 

At this time of the year, all yam seeds in other villages have been planted, and there will be none available until after the harvest next year.

Again, we would like to pay our respects to the family and friends of the victims.

Caring for Kiriwina needs your support to provide basic food items such as rice, sugar, tinned food, noodles, teabags, flour, and cooking oil.


Featured image and above are photos of these villages gardens in 2021

Here are excerpts from the letter we sent to our newly appointed Foreign Minister over the weekend. Let’s get this quality aid intervention reinstated as a priority!!!

In 2018 CFK received an Australian Government Friendship Grant which funded our delivery of several midwifery education sessions on Kiriwina for the local VBAs. This was undertaken by two wonderful midwife educators from the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick NSW (for details see this link: https://www.dfat.gov.au/sites/default/files/nsw_-_caring_for_kiriwina.png.) Our experience and feedback from these short and intensive sessions highlighted the importance of ongoing training and education for the VBA volunteers whose work in the community is literally lifesaving.

Unfortunately, COVID put a hold on the Friendship Grants and therefore the continuing of these in-country training activities over the last few years. While CFK continues its core commitment to the Kiriwina people, we are extremely aware of the critical need of trained and educated personnel overseeing midwifery and birthing support both at the local Health Clinic and in the community.

We ask if DFAT is proposing to reinstate the Friendship Grants scheme. It was an excellent mechanism for providing important aid to our closest neighbour, amongst others. Small and focused charities such as ours are well placed to provide quality overseas aid at a grass roots level to vulnerable communities, and the reinstatement of such a scheme would greatly improve the health and well being of some of our poorest neighbours, not to mention be a great thing for our countries as well.

Yours sincerely etc

Header image source: China-Solomons deal: US, Australia to boost PNG ties (smh.com.au)

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COVID 19 has greatly impacted the lives of people. The supply of yams and other staple food crops have reduced which will effect the livelihood of people through the shortage of food supply and starvation. CFK has two gardens as part of its food security program on Kiriwina. These gardens are growing crops of yams of all varieties, taro, sweet potato and tapioca which are all growing very well. An indication of a plentiful and surplus harvest. The harvest will be able to help supply yams seeds and food for consumption to Kavataria and other villages on Kiriwina with low harvest production this year.

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