Despite the increased cost of transportation due to the lack of flights, more donations have safely arrived on Kiriwina. This journey is not an easy one! From medical supplies to birthing kits and dignity kits to pencils for exams, every contribution can make a difference in the lives of the women and children on Kiriwina. Let’s celebrate every donation that makes it safely to Kiriwina and continue to support the people of Kiriwina in any way we can and thank our wonderful sponsors and donors who made this all possible!!!

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Thanks to our wonderful Village Birth Attendant Volunteers and CFK sponsors and donors for keeping Kiriwinan mothers and babies safe.

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New Year greetings to all! We are excited to begin another year filled with opportunities to make a difference. We look forward to collaborating with everyone to bring about positive change!

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Let’s recognise and appreciate the tireless efforts of VBAs like this one from Oseisuya Village who are making a real difference in maternal and newborn health.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the amazing Kiriwinan community, our invaluable partners, generous sponsors, hard working volunteers and kind-hearted donors for empowering us to continue our mission of serving those in need. Your unwavering support is the driving force behind our success, and we couldn’t have come this far without your selfless contributions. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey towards making the world a better place! xxx

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Yesterday evening, we had a meeting with our CFK directors and in-country manager to discuss our successes in 2023 and to plan for 2024. We are grateful for this lovely group of people who are helping to continue the legacy of our founder, Margaret Lawton. Today marks the ninth anniversary of her passing, and we miss her every day. Margaret’s spirit guides all CFK decisions, along with the spirit of her husband, the Reverend Doctor Ralph Lawton. We are thankful for the time we had with them, and we know that their presence made the world a better place.

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The most wonderful Margaret Lawton

Attention all! We have some breaking news! The wonderful people of Kiriwina are in for a special surprise ahead of Christmas, and it’s all thanks to the generosity of one kind-hearted Princess Cruise, Coral Princess passenger. Despite transportation disruptions, we have successfully sent four additional boxes filled with donations to the local infants, primary and high schools in Kiriwina. These boxes are packed with essential items such as pencils, erasers, and some warm knitted goodies to keep the little ones comfortable.

But that’s not all! Our major challenge has been getting the birthing and dignity kits to the area quickly since the airport is still closed, and there are no flights going in or out of Kiriwina. And that’s where our hero comes in. This amazing Princess Cruise passenger has offered to help us get these kits to Kiriwina as soon as possible. The kits are scheduled to arrive on the day before Christmas, which will be a perfect gift for the people of Kiriwina.

We cannot express our gratitude enough to this person for their generosity of spirit. Their kindness is a shining example of the good that can be done in this world. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this act of kindness and spread joy this Christmas season. Hallelujah!

Looking for a unique Christmas gift that gives back? Our CFK photo reflection of 2023 Desktop Calendars is an excellent choice. These calendars come with a recycled plastic desktop case stand and free postage within Australia. Plus, all funds raised from these calendars go towards our ongoing CFK work, which is helping to save lives.

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Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for helping keep our Kiriwinan mothers and babies safe.

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