This photo is one of the new CFK water pumps installed at Kenobasi Village. The population of this village is approximately 130 people. The nearby village known as Wagaluma Village is about 80 people another village Okasikasi is’about 80 people has well to benefit from this water pump. This is the first of 5 pumps bought by CFK and to be installed by Mr Koega. The basement will be cemented during next week. The video of the woman pumping water is one of the VBA’s surrounded by local people. The people expressed their appreciation and gratitude to CFK’s sponsors and donors and the Australian Aid program for this life saving initiative.

In-country Manager Toks Bwaina

Our In-Country manager Toks met with the Losuia Health Centre’s Ray, NOIC, CFK-LHC Midwife Bokowau, CFK-LHC HO Jansen yesterday to receive more birthing kits and other supplies and discuss our expanding Caring for Kiriwina initiatives including our up-coming training workshops.

Exciting to see the internet is working on the Island at the moment. Instant communication, WOW. Traditionally this link will only last for a few days so we will try and make the most of it.

Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors and donors and the Australian Government for making this all possible @DFAT, @FriendshipGrants, #DFAT, #FriendshipGrants

Great work. Way forward. In the picture shown is Ray Monewau, NOIC, Retired HEO Mr Toposona and Retired NO Bokawau who has been the powerhouse for the VBA/VHV program. Thank you all ! From Lokula Lodge

We are busily setting up items for the September 2019 VBA Training trip and came across these footage gems from 2018. Can’t wait to see them all again! Thank you our volunteers, supporters and donors #DFAT, @DFAT and @FriendshipGrants for this opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of the Kiriwinan people.

What a welcome!

Here is a SHOUT OUT to all Canberrans, The 2018 Midwinter Yarralumbla Arts and Crafts Show started TODAY! Friday 28th June, and goes all weekend. Wonderful arts and crafts and homemade cakes for sale. The Arts and Crafts show has generously supported Caring for Kiriwina since our inception in 2012. THANK YOU to all involved for your commitment and support!!!

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/midwinterartsandcrafts/?tn=HHH-R

Thank you Australian Women’s Weekly and journalist Melissa Field and also Miranda Herron for this gift of a wonderful article. Nestled between articles about Prince William and Dame Edna Everage, we feel extremely honoured and really appreciate your support! Please buy a copy and support CFK and AWW. A special thank you to Jodi’s mum Diana and sister Kylie Adams for their hundreds of hours packing the birthing kits, they sadly their tireless work did not get mentioned the article. Caring for Kiriwina is an Australian aid initiative implemented by Caring for Kiriwina on behalf of the Australian Government. @DFAT, @FriendshipGrant, #DFAT, # FriendshipGrant

Condition 190613:
The doctors can not do anymore. The bones can not join together and the flesh has grown in between the broken bones.

She is now on crutches and training herself to walk. She will be discharge from the hospital this Friday and fund her own way to Kiriwina.

CFK will assist Ruth to travel by plane to Kiriwina with her sister who accompany her to Alotau. Travelling by sea would be very difficult and inconvenience for Ruth.

She mention she still feels the pain from the legs, however, is trying her best cope. She will return in September to Alotau for review and if the leg does not improve, she will have her legs amputated.

Condition update 190527:

Toks contacted Ruth this morning and she informed him that the doctor on ward round this morning removed the plastic water bottles and elastic plaster from her leg due to swallon leg up to her knee. She will be informed for an x-ray sometimes this week. In the meantime she is on pain killer tablets awaiting for an x-ray.

Condition update 190524:

CFK’s in-country head spoke to Ruth yesterday and he reports that:

‘the plastic that was inserted into her leg was removed and nothing was inserted however only elastic plaster was tied around her leg. Two bottles tied to hold her legs or cause her bones to rejoin. She feels a bit better now than last week.’

Thanks to our sponsors and donors CFK has sent some funds to Ruth in Alotau to assist her. We have bought her a phone and balance of money will be used to assist her while in hospital.

‘She can sit up but not able to sit straight. The doctor that provided medical assistance to her is surgical doctors for bones and major cuts. His name is Dr James. She is given a month to stay in hospital for doctors to examine her before next cause of action is determined.’

reported Toks Bwaina

Below: Photos of Ruth in Hospital yesterday. Isn’t it wonderful when the internet connection is working.

Ruth is one of our VBA’s who feel victim of the strong wings. A mango branch fell on her resulting in broken left leg. She had to endure a horrendous sea voyage to get to a hospital. They make their women tough on Kiriwina. Seen here in Alotau General Hospital undergoing surgery and where she is still recovering – thanks Wendy Stein for sharing this photo. We wish Ruth a speedy recovery. The CFK Team x

Main Photo from Wendy Stein at Kula Babies Rotary, thank you for sharing on FB.
Above photo of Ruth attending the 2017 VBA Training program.

Continuing sad news received on Ruth’s condition. Our In-country manager who visited her in Alotau Hospital this morning.

She has a broken leg (big bone holding her hip and legs together). She has already undergone two operations with an insertion of metals and screws into her leg (first operation) and is not working. They have inserted plastic materials (2nd operation) to see if it can hold the bones together for another month.

She can not sit, walk or be in a wheel chair. She is just lying on her hospital bed. If the plastics can not hold her bone, the last option is to amputate her leg.

She seemed to be in a very critical condition.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ruth and her family.

Thank you DFAT and the Friendship Grants team Lorraine, Kate, Gus and Helen … and now to start organising our VBA training for 2019. Yay!

Thanks Shea and Doug for joining me for the two day intensive workshops.@dfat.gov.au #FriendshipGrant#AustralianAid#AusSDGs @AusHumanitarian

In an attempt to combat the rubbish issues on the Island we have started to include washable, reusable menstrual pads into the birthing kits (disposable pads only add to the rubbish problems on the Island).

One of the most effective ways we have to protect ourselves and others from illness is good personal hygiene and CFK focuses on training the VBA’s in these techniques.