First batch of six boxes on way, hopefully arriving before Xmas 🎁

Thanks to Andy and the team at Australia Post the contents of 6 boxes mailed on Saturday, listed below:

For VBA’s:

  • 124 New born baby Beanies (With love from Carmel in Ireland)
  • 166 Mothers and babies beanies and one scarf (With love from the Belrose knitters and another local knitter)
  • 30 knitted baby jumpers (With love from the Belrose knitters)
  • 9 headlamps with three extra batteries each
  • 12 stunning little hand sewn girls dresses (With love from Michele)
  • 1,500 soaps

    For Health Care worker:
  • 2,500 Panadol tablets

    For Schools:
  • 100 multi-coloured pens (4 colours each)
  • 48 pencils and 40 sharpeners
  • 30 Dignity Kits
  • 10 school backpacks

Off they go… yippee!!!! thank you to all our sponsors and donors for making all this possible!

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