Video 1 – Kuluwa Water Pump

My name is Rebecca. My husband’s name is William. I am from Kuluwa Village.

Before the installation of the water pump we normally fetch water at the swamp a long distance away from the village. When the rain comes the water wells are muddy and contaminated however we still fetch water for drinking. When there is dry spell we dig deeper water wells about 1 to 2 meters deep to find water. We wash new born babies from these contaminated water from the wells. Now that the water pump has being installed in my village, the pump has made a significant improvement in the lives of my people. We now have access to clean water at our door step. We use the water for drinking, cooking and helped the pregnant mothers and mothers who have delivered and their babies. My village has a total population of 400 people.

I give my consent for viewers to see my photo and hear what I have said. Thank you.

Rebecca – Kuluwa Village
Short video of Rebecca expressing how great the CFK pump has helped her community at Kuluwa Village.

None of Caring for Kiriwina’s success would have been possible in the past 10 years without the incredible organisational and managerial skills of our CFK in-country manager Toks Bwaina. Without his skillful management of the extremely difficult logistical tasks undertaken by CFK none of our wonderful results would have been possible. Toks Bwaina is a wonderful soul who has volunteered hours of his time for the benefit of his people. Caring for Kiriwina would like to take this opportunity to thank you Toks from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Toks and Vanessa on Kiriwina
Toks running VBA meeting on Kiriwina

December 2019


One of our beautiful VBA attendees Edie Moses from Gumilababa at the CFK Birth Attendant Training in September 2019.

After the Kiriwina High School had to be closed for several weeks due to water shortages, CFK AusAid came to the rescue and installed water pumps to the High School to ensure a more reliable source of potable water for students and teachers alike.  We also installed three other water pumps across the Island and repaired three others.

CFK completed our third successful Village Birth Attendant Training in September, which included a small group intensive training program, followed by two days where 210 participants attended. PNG women are 33 more times likely to die in childbirth than those in developed countries, and our aim is to improve this terrible statistic.

We have managed to extend our help and provide much needed school equipment to several schools on the Island. The final year exams could not have been completed without CFK providing hundreds of pens and other essential school equipment.

We help save the lives of the women and children on Kiriwina

Caring for Kiriwina/ PNG AusAid VBA Training group, Oyabia Station, Kiriwina, September 2019.



Today marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of the beloved founder of Caring for Kiriwina, Margaret Lawton. She is forever in our hearts and minds. We are sure that she would be thrilled with the progress her charity has made. She and her husband Ralph dedicated their lives to helping the people of Kiriwina and we have pledged to follow on with this good work in their footsteps.

Margaret and Ralph Lawton at Uluru in 2012.

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We are so grateful to mid wife extraordinaire Shea Caplice for hosting this wonderful fundraiser and the bands that volunteered and preformed to raise funds for Caring for Kiriwina: The last born: Midwife Sheryl, Sally and Jason – kicked us off and Lionel Robinson and the in crowd took us out. Just brilliant!

The last born: Midwife Sheryl, Sally and Jason
Lionel Robinson and the in crowd

Another 400 birthing kits and 100 Dignity Kits heading to the Losuia Heath Centre, our VBA’s and the Kiriwina High School. Hopefully they will arrive with the other three boxes that we sent last week as an early Christmas present. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors and volunteers and Australia Aid for making all this lifesaving work possible. @DFAT, @AustraliaAid, @FriendshipGrants, #DFAT, #AustraliaAid, #FriendshipGrants.