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Pictogram Post by Send Hope Not Flowers

2017-05-09 20:24:32

We love good news! And today we received a wonderful progress report from one of our partner organisations, Caring for Kiriwina, which took a group of volunteer Australian midwives to PNG last month to update the skills of Village Birth Attendants. Expecting around 80 attendees, our incredible midwives catered for more than 170 – some coming from extremely remote areas to attend the week-long course. Armed with new skills and knowledge, these Village Birth Attendents will be able to better assist vulnerable birthing mothers. They are on the front line of lowering PNG’S maternal mortality rate. And we could not be prouder! #sendhopenotflowers #maternalhealth #caringforkiriwina #safebirth #villagebirthattendent #training #mothersday #donate #helpussavelives

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