The saga of two bags in transit from Canberra to Kiriwina…

Caring for Kiriwina would like to say a big thank you to a valiant couple of P&O passengers, Helen and Randall  Wilson who, despite the usual hurdles thrown at them by Customs and Port officers managed to deliver two bags of birthing kits as well as torches, ear droppers and women’s underwear to the head of the VBA’s on Kiriwina Ruth Boaz and her husband (Pictured in the photo below).

Helen has generously reported on her journey, final paragraph of report below:

“The two bags have reached their new home and we trust that the women who use them from across each of the villages on this beautiful island will recall the love of the Lawton family whose links continue through the United Church.”

and of course the wonderful couple who delivered the items.

You can view the entire report at this link CLICK HERE.

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