Luckily the 50 Health Guides ‘Where Women have No Doctors’ CFK sent to Kiriwina to be distributed to the Village Birth Attendants arrived just before the borders were closed.

Florence Silupaya (Mulosaida Village VBA) holding the book.
Sapaira Jacob (Mulosaida Village VBA) at the background
Our x 50 “Where Women Have No Doctor” Hesperian Health Care Manual Arrived
just as the borders closed.

Caring for Kiriwina is honoring the dedication and courage of nurses, midwives and Village Birth Attendants during this crisis. We need to advocate for the working conditions that allow them to provide quality health care, and to do so safely. Sufficient personal protective equipment – masks, gloves, gowns, etc. – as well as adequate staffing levels and equipment are needed. Nurses and VBA’s are the backbone of our health systems and it’s way past time their working conditions recognized that.

CFK is happy to provide protective items, we have the means but not the funding to do so:( 

Midwives and VBA’s have been caring for mothers and babies since the beginning of time. The increase in and wisdom of home births during this pandemic highlight their central role in supporting maternal and child health.

As we gratefully acknowledge nurses, midwives and VBA’s for their work during this COVID-19 pandemic, we should make our thanks concrete by supporting the systemic social changes that will enable them to improve health for all during and after this crisis.

Thank you Hesperian for these words (CFK have added VBA’s)

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Welcome to our new Baby of the Week Section

Each week I will upload a photo of one of our beautiful babies birthed by our fabulous Village Birth Attendants… something to make you smile.

The photos are of the new born babies delivered by Kavataria VBA’s. Photos taken by Melcah Bwaina on her recent visit for CFK to meet with our representatives and on Island and receive updates. All permissions have been received.

Hello baby girl Milan Noah. She is one month and a week old.

Just gorgeous!

Thank you for your wonderful legacy.

Margaret would have wanted all of us to remember that:

“While men seem to be slightly more at risk for life-threatening infections by COVID-19, women’s health is being doubly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Responses to the global crisis are consistently failing to prioritize the needs of women seeking reproductive care and freedom from violence. Many governments and health systems are all too comfortable using the challenge of the pandemic as an excuse to deny women’s rights to control their bodies and life choices. If anything, defending women’s health and rights is even more important during this time of crisis.”

Thanks Hesperian for these inspirational words.

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Margaret Lawton photographed with Jenny and Dave Lawton on Kiriwina in the mid 1960’s.

DFAT have postponed awarding the Round 2 Friendship Grants due to the uncertainty and rapidly changing situation associated with COVID-19. An announcement will be made as soon as possible about the program.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Australian Government for their support of our charity. Their funds have allowed Caring For Kiriwina (CFK) to exceed its targets and deliver results. Increasing the positive outcomes for not only our mothers, girls and children but all Kiriwinans.

Although this global COVID-19 pandemic has put a hold on this funding avenue Kiriwinan’s still need our support. We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm Caring for Kiriwina’s commitment to continuing to supply Birthing and Dignity Kits, and the many other essential health and hygiene items that we need to send to Kiriwina. This help is only made possible through the continued generous support and commitment of our other wonderful volunteers and donors.

Click through to post and to see more photos of the CFK Dignity kits being distributed amongst the High school students.

Hi and thanks for the kits for our female students which we have received today from the in-country manager’s daughter, Melcah Bwaina (in Black and White stripy top). We appreciate your continuous support.

Message from Kiriwina Secondary School Principal ET

Caring for Kiriwina have purchased thousands of soaps and printed 1,000’s of these instruction cards for our Health & Hygiene committee to distribute across Kiriwina. Although a small help, at least it is a start.

Thank you again to our sponsors and donors for allowing us the funds to support this initiative.