Greetings from Kiriwina and best wishes for a prosperous 2022

Greetings for a Prosperous and Blessed New Year 2022 from the Caring for Kiriwina (CFK) Management team to all our generous Donors all over the world.

The 2021 year was a year of challenges with the emergence and rise of COVID-19 which affected many lives and the movement of people as well as the loss of lives of our loved ones globally. 

The operations of Caring for Kiriwina was greatly affected especially by the limited donations we received from our donors during the year. Despite the effects of COVID-19, CFK managed to continue its support of the people of Kiriwina during 2021. The support provided by CFK to the people of Kiriwina has greatly benefited and changed the lifestyle and livelihood of the people.

From our Caring for Kiriwina In-Country Manager, Toks Bwaina

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