Kiriwinan Memorial Service for the late great ‘IYUPALILAGUYAU LOTONI’ in pictures…

Here is a gallery of x 30 photos of the memorial service that happened at the same time/day on Kiriwina as the funeral service in Australia for the late Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawton.

As mentioned in our recent e-news the Memorial Service was held on Kiriwina from 11am 27th April 2021 and was attended by a huge crowd of people from all over Kiriwina including sister churches. Due to a large number of people, the service was conducted at the small field where the Bible Dedication celebrations were held in 2012. Many people cried when the Biography of late Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawton was read. Representatives of Kiriwina Bible Translation Committee, VBA’s, Catholic and United Church officials gave their Tributes about the Life of Rev Dr Ralph Lawton. All who attended the Memorial Service dressed in black and white. The VBA’s came in with their VBA uniforms. It was a great memorial service concluded with feasting and celebrations the Kiriwinan way. There was lot of food distributed, the people ate and took food home.

We at CFK are very proud that the late Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawton who was further honored with:

The Church New Building at Mulosaida Village was Officially declared that the Building will be named as “Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawton Memorial Church”. The church will be officially opened and dedicated in July 2021.

The Mission Station at Oyabia, was renamed as “IYUPALILAGUYAU LOTONI”.

It was indeed a great and a memorable memorial service. THANK YOU AGAIN KIRIWINA!!!!

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